Thursday, November 24, 2011

ABCs of Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving…….hope it has been a wonderful day with family and friends – as well as, at least, a bit of time to reflect on all our blessings!!  Just for fun, I’ve listed some of mine as the ABCs of gratitude:)
A heart so thankful for:
A – answers to prayers….there have been many this year – big and “small” but, most recently, a huge answer to praise Him for….when a MRI showed that my cancer was NOT out of remission despite what the doctor had thought!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Getting the Scales Off My Mind

Well, just for the record…over the past weekend I had absolutely ZERO yummy coffee treats flavored with the holidays from my favorite coffee shop!  Not a buy one, get one free.  Not any one.  What a disappointment.

But don’t feel (too) bad for me.  Really.  I was going over the last couple days in my head – in search of something of any value whatsoever to blog about – and I noticed a very real, and somewhat concerning, theme….

Just about every day involved meeting my husband, or a girlfriend, or a group of girls for – lunch, coffee, a quick bite to eat… matter how you phrase…..FOOD!  And I truly stand by the scale each morning and act as if I have no idea why this weight just won’t come off.  I’ve even been known to moan the words, “but I try so hard.”

Oh, please.

Nevetheless, I did – indeed – meet a group of friends the other day for some shopping…and, yes, lunch.  We went to a new restaurant (or one I’ve never been to) and it is definitely a new favorite!  Can’t wait to go back.  I had pumpkin ravioli. Devine.  I even remembered to snap a few pictures…and then forgot to post them.

ldo - group

This is our group and the restaurant was Claire’s At the Depot.  Yep, in a converted train depot.  So super charming inside…

ldo - krissy

My sweet girlfriend.  I am so thankful for sweet friends!

ldo - apple crisp

Things like this could be part of the explanation for the never changing scale.  I don’t know for sure but I’m just sayin’

But this is definitely not the week to be obsessing about numbers on the scale.  Looking forward to reading about everyone’s wonderful meals – and special times with your family and friends.  I do plan to get one more post in this week:) but let me start early wishing all my blog friends a beautiful Thanksgiving.

thankful cards

My goodness – there are just so many cute ideas out there for making the holiday special…..just loved this one:)  Can’t wait to see your idea!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Sweet Treat to Make

I love to plan.  I like to organize too.  But I really, really like to plan.  I like to plan my day and make all my errands organized to be done most efficiently and by priority.  Give me a day trip or other quick get away to plan and I’m one happy camper.  But give me “an event”…and I’m over the moon.

Go figure.  But its true.

Thanksgiving is planned – and seems to be a day that everyone is looking forward to…which is a success all by itself!  More about Thanksgiving later – as in next week:)

But I am also planning our church’s annual ladies’ shopping trip – a bus trip for…well, for shopping!  and fun. oh, and food of course!  The trip down to Richmond on Monday was to finalize the restaurant where we will have dinner.  Cute find – and I’m excited about that part.

This week, some friends came over and we made the “favors”, if you will.  The ladies always get a treat to take home…..a thanks for coming as well as reminder of the fun day!  This year, we made OREO cookie pops.

cookie pop 3

Oh my.  They were (almost) too super easy (even I could do it!) but looks so “sweet” – pun intended! – and pretty when you are done.  They would be great to share in a child’s classroom, with your Bible study group, MOPS group, etc. or even with your neighbors.

cookie pop 2

I used Double Stuff Oreos and white chocolate melting disks from Michaels.  Simply separate the cookies and use a dab of melted chocolate (which I simply melted in the microwave) to hold a stick on the cookie crème and then re-sandwich the Oreo together.

Then dip in the melted chocolate and lay on wax paper to cool.  While the chocolate is still soft, sprinkle with colored sprinkles or crushed peppermint candies – or whatever you prefer.

The bags, which already had the ribbon attached, I also found at Michaels.  You could also decorate yours with colored ribbon, etc.  Truly, so easy.

cookie pop 1

All in a basket and ready to go!!  I really think I need to hide these – cause we don’t go for almost two weeks!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

No Point to This–Really

I really, really need to find more time…no, make more time to post.  Actually I just need to do it! “Making more time” seems to be a recurring, ahem, excuse of mine lately – and not just with posting on the blog.  But that is totally a subject for another day….

Because, frankly, I am surprised how often I find myself thinking…”oh, I have got to post this….” and then I don’t.  I then I forget (because my brain is totally incapable of storing information, important or trivial, for more than 24 hours – tops.)  And some of this stuff is stuff I’d actually like to remember one day:)

For instance….

**  My son – the former airman….who, btw, is 21! – and I were on a mini road trip yesterday.  We both needed to make a trip down to Richmond, our illustrious capital, about an hour and half from home.  No need to go alone…we made a day of it and had a great time together.  We love to talk and get into good conversations!  I always enjoy these talks – especially since Jordan actually values my opinion…so nice for a mama.  Anyhoo, we had been chatting and thinking – and chatting then reflecting.  When, clearly out of the blue, my son (did I mention he is 21), says quite seriously

“I really miss being young.”


Welcome to my world.


** or the other day at church, a few folks were discussing a parenting book – some thought it was totally a “no-go” (for lack of a better word) while others really liked it.  One mother – whose only daughter is TEN MONTHS – and apparently was one who likes the book said

“Well, we’ve raised Sarah with that book and she is a very good girl….”

RAISED Sarah??  Check back with me in 13-15 years and we will consider your opinion on child-rearing then.


**and just one more story.  Not sure if this one is to make you smile or well – you decide.  Remember the two sets of candle holders I bought at my favorite home store?  So, I went to return one pair.  Quick. Easy.  Right?

Not for all of us.  My refund was to be $20.98 in cash.  After the drawer opens, the cashier pulls out a twenty and begins to count some quarters.  I (like a goof) said, “Can I just give two cents instead?”

Looking a bit puzzled, she said, “Sure.”

She drops my two pennies in the drawer – and begins to count the quarters again.  (??)  I said,  “No, with the two cents…you just give me a dollar instead.”

Total deer in the headlights look.  But she shakes her head ok and then pulls out a dollar – and puts my twenty BACK in the drawer.  She hands me one dollar.  (I hope you are as dumbfounded as me at this point.)

With much more patience than I was actually feeling, I told her – “I get the twenty, too!”  I am not exaggerating when I say she was one hundred percent lost.  But she said “okay” and handed me the twenty.  (Good thing I didn’t ask for that there fifty, too!!)

I don’t know but this whole new math thing still has some serious kinks to be worked out.  Totally reminds me, last night at the store I overheard a young guy (about eight, I guess) tell his mom – while they were looking at price tags, etc.   “Mom, I know this one….seven plus zero equals 70”!!

Please let that be a joke.  But she congratulated him.  “Good job, son.”

So, really, this post served very little purpose – except, perhaps, to give you a glimpse inside my brain.  Which can, indeed, be a bit scary.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Blessed Beyond Measure

Yesterday was Monday and I try to post on Mondays.  But, honestly, no matter how hard I tried I could not think of anything to say.  No doubt, it is a good thing Hubbie doesn’t read the blog as he would either – 1…having a horribly good laugh or 2….be out on the floor flabberghast!  Me – nothing to say??

Well, nothing for a blog, I suppose.  Sure, the weather has been gorgeous and the leaves are so pretty right about now.

red tree

But, really just how much can you blog about the weather?  Some days I just like to READ blogs:) 

and today was Tuesday’s Question on Lois’ blog…..

Use one word to finish this phrase:  God is

and, yes, she emphasized one word.  There were so many good answers – especially faithful – but I think I’m going with

God is Good

I heard this song for the first time – to me, at least, last week!  Loved it!  I’m told it is “an oldie but goodie” but I’d never heard it.  This is just the chorus…..

I have been blessed, God's so good to me, precious are His thoughts of you and me.  No way I could count them there's not enough time, so I'll just thank Him for being so kind.  God has been good, so good.  I have been blessed.

Yes, indeed.  Happy Tuesday, friends.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy Friday

I so appreciate everyone’s opinion on the candleholders.  Looks like the tall ones have it:)  There was one vote for the short – oh, and then Hubbie’s vote.  Why, oh why do I even ask??  He, of course, picked “short”!  How am I to tell him he was outvoted by all my bloggy friends?!?!

I am off to Home Goods and hopefully will have a finished table this weekend.  But, first, its time for a haircut.

New salon.  New stylist.

crying haricut

You just never know for sure…..

What fun plans do you have for the weekend?  And, by the way, did you happen to read the question of the week at Walking on Sunshine??  It was a good one to get you thinkin…and there were some good answers.  But, after thinking about it some more – I’m so changing mine.  Even told Hubbie…after I’m gone…so everyone will know I was right, just tell ‘em I said it was

“Totally the Tomatoes!!”

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A “Sweet” Find–and Your Opinion, Please

I had a few extra minutes to spare before heading to work the other evening, so I ran into one of my favorite spots to browse – Home Goods!  Gotta love it:)  I really do enjoy just the browsing…but finding a little treasure to take home – even sweeter!

Some new mugs for Hubbie and me….

cups one


black cup

They should add a little smile to our morning fall flavored lattes!  They even have little owls hidden inside:)

cups two


But even “sweeter”…….I found these!!


Oh, indeed.  Belgian Chocolate. Drenched. Oreo Cookies.  What more could there be to love!!??  Except, maybe, the individual polka-dot wrapping.  Sweet.

And, I also found some candle holders to get my dining room table a bit more ready for Thanksgiving.  I could not decide on the shorter ones or the taller ones.  So, naturally, I bought both.  The plan was to decide which ones I liked better and then return one set.  Only…I can’t seem to make a decision.

So, what do you think???

table two

Taller ones?? or shorter??  And, yes, there will be some other things on the table but just looking at the candles for now.  Always love your thoughts -