Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day Trip–Middleburg

So many thanks to everyone’s sweet birthday wishes to Emily.  We had a nice day yesterday…celebrating Em!  Among her gifts, she received a purse AND shoes – what more does a girl really need for a great birthday??!

So – now I am backtracking – to my day on Monday.  I spent the day with a favorite friend in the not-terribly far away town of Middleburg.  We always enjoy our day trips and Monday was a great day for a jaunt.

middleburg five


On our way out, we drove the town of Aldie – and just had to stop at Diamonds and Rust.  This old house is filled and overflowing with every type of jewelry treasure and vintage clothes, as well.  My favorite was a huge bucket of mismatched or odd pieces of jewelry – 3 for $10.  Just digging through the pieces made me a little girl, again, going through my grandma’s jewelry box.  So much fun.

middleburg six

The owner, Marsha, was a treasure herself. So much fun to chat with – I felt like I was “catching up” with an old friend…but we have never met before.  We could have stayed much longer just visitingSmile

But there were other treasures to be found……

middleburg four

This store was downtown Middleburg.  Seriously, I was on sensory overload.  When you walk into a store like this….just where do you start???

middleburg three

Honestly, I have a dishes addiction….and there were dishes everywhere!!  All kinds of fun things –and even a great store called The Fun Shop that was filled with just about a little of everything!

Middleburg is quite the pet-friendly place.  All businesses have water out front and offer treats for your puppy.  (Uh, my puppy stayed at home.)  There are also shops a plenty that cater to the horse crowd.  Very much horse country…..

We went into one thrift store run by the local Humane Society.  I always try to find something in these stores – just to buy something for the cause.  The local girls in this particular store were a hoot.  Decided to fill us in on all the local (and flavored) history and news.  Oh the sordid lives of the rich and famous!!

middleburg one

We sat on this porch for lunch.  Considering that 28 of the 30 days in September have been completely grey, cloudy and overcast – or drenched in rain – it was a great day on Monday.  There was actual sunshine!  And I always love a chance to eat outside.

Up on the hill (in this photo) was just the prettiest church….tried to snap a photo of it but you can’t appreciate it – just trust me, it was a beauty.  Just like the whole day!

When was your last fun day trip??

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I love you, Emily

We interrupt this rambling blog of the various, sundry and somewhat exciting adventures of my week (I actually have pictures to share…but later) for a celebration – a birthday celebration!!

This adorable little peanut of a darlin’….

baby em

was born 23 years ago…immediately wrapping herself around each and every one of our little fingers!! She pretty much still calls the shotsWinking smile

Oh we have our moments just like most mamas and their girls, I suppose – but I hope she is reminded (especially) today how much she is loved!!


Happy Birthday, sweet Em!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Its Been Good but Not Pretty

I did a little (ok, rather loud) hurray!! today….because its fall and, for me, fall means tights!!  I suppose I should have said something a bit more exciting – like, pumpkin lattes!! (which I did have this morning…oh yum!) – but I just do get excited when I can wear my tights again.  Yes, tights are comfy and tights are super cute but, mostly, tights cover my ghostly white legs.  Indeed. 

I have people tell me often (not doubt to try and ease my pain) that “pale is in”….then I suppose I am IN –and “in like flynn” – but, in or not, I look pale and sickly.  And when I go to the store for work, I wear a black skirt.  Black skirt. Ice white legs.  Not pretty.  So, hurray for tights!

And just for the record…it has been raining all day.  And when it is not raining, it is beyond humid.  And I ran out of hair product.  Like I said, not pretty.  (Tonight, I am just letting the curls run amuck!)

However not pretty the week has been for me, it has been a good week.  We are in the middle of our missions conference at church – definitely one of the highlights of the year.  The sermons have been from Esther (for missions!) and have excellent.  After service each evening, there is fellowship in the gym and games for the kids.  The games center around the different countries represented by the missionaries and I am always amazed at the things they construct.  This year, among other things, there is a three story Japanese pagoda.  I, personally, am thrilled with the homemade cookies!  And, tomorrow night is the international dinner! 

This conference always instructs, convicts, impresses but also energizes and excites me.  As overwhelming as it is to think of millions around the world who have never heard the gospel…and to truly contemplate the task before us – it is amazing, and even awing, to think that Christ would allow me to have a part in His plan.

Looking forward to a great weekend.  And just so you know.  If you ever want to insert a picture of tights for visual interest on your blog, don’t bother to google “cute tights” or anything remotely similar.  There are some weird people on the the internet.  Just fyi.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy Birthday, Bud!

Today my Tyler would be 19 years old. 19. I find myself at a loss for words. There is such a huge difference between the almost 14 year old boy I remember so keenly and clearly and a 19 year old young man that I can only imagine…..

My heart wants to linger on all I imagine I have missed – then I remember these thoughts I wrote about four years ago. I have posted them on my blog before (about two years ago) but I share them again today as I reminder to myself. Yes, there is much I can only imagine but there is also MUCH that I have been blessed with -

And much I know for sure: there is no greater joy than being a mommy…and Tyler’s mommy at that! Tyler was loved. and Tyler loved his mama! This, too, I know – one day I will see Tyler again…and what a grand reunion that will be~~

The Luckiest Woman in the World

So often I am tempted to concentrate on all that I will miss-
You getting a driver’s license & your first car
Your first girlfriend & that first kiss
Where would you go to college?
Who would you marry?
When you took a job, what title would you carry?

But then, I stop and remind myself
I am the luckiest woman in the world!

I was the first one to caress your downy red head
with my cheek,The very first to cradle you and sing you to sleep. It was me you called for when you skinned a knee, when your dreams were scary or your feelings hurt –

I nursed ear infections and chicken pox and figured out how a Gameboy works! I listened to your Barney songs, your choir songs and
those special country music songs!

I watched you learn to ride a bike, taught you how to bake a cake and cheered too loudly with each new challenge you would take. We memorized Spelling words and memory verses and History dates to silly choruses.

When I really stop to think about it,
I am the luckiest woman in the world, because, you know -For fourteen years I was your mother and
Forever, and for always, I will be Tyler’s mom!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Quick Vacation Recap

We are back from vacation!  It is always great to be home and, usually, I am anxious to be home and a bit ready for vacation to end…sometimes, I am even needing the proverbial “vacation from the vacation” but – not this time.  What a wonderful week we had!  Yes, it IS nice to sleep in my own bed but we came home relaxed, refreshed, FAT and full of great memories.  Hubbie and I agreed this may have been one of our best vacations.

I have plenty of photos to sort through – read that HUNDREDS! thanks to our own personal event photographer….daughter, EricaSmile who sent us home with two cds worth of pictures!  But browsing through all the memories will have to wait – at least until the laundry is done!  Our kids did a great job of holding down the fort while we were gone so not much to do there…but I do have to get my brain out of vacation mode.

So just a few photos I pulled off my phone this morning….

vaca dolphin

We stayed at the Dolphin – I know, doesn’t exactly look like what I think of when I think dolphin but an impressive roof top sculpture, nonetheless!  Too bad these folks did not ask me to write an official review because it would be glowing!  The hotel is beautiful, the grounds gorgeous, and the service was fantastic!  We felt very spoiled! Uh, not spoiled as in brats….but very pamperedSmile

We spent a lot of time doing this -

vaca pool

Uh – nothing!  As in lounging by the pool and summoning the pool boy for more ice tea!!  HA HA  Pizza eaten poolside is just so delicious!

vaca princess

We also spent just the right amount of time (not every day!!) at the park – we like Epcot!! and saw a princess a plenty!!  The characters still make me smileSmile

We had WAY too many meals like this -

vaca pancake

as in huge….but, oh so yummy!!  This was breakfast at Cat Cora’s Kussina (oh, I hope I spelled that right!)  Breakfast has always been my favorite meal but breakfast on vacation is the absolute best!  I have to admit we had a hard time finding coffee we really enjoyed.  They said it was Starbucks coffee but it wasn’t like the Starbucks we enjoy at home.  Really, I think what we really want is a cup of the sugary good stuff that they mix into the coffee and call it a latte!

And one of my favorite “pastimes” on vacation -

vaca self pic of us

trying to take pictures of yourself!!  They are always (ALWAYS) horrible and I have no idea why we keep trying but it’s entertaining somehow!

And, of course the real reason we went…….

vaca jack 1

To meet the J-man!!  What fun we had with both the grands!!  and why I don’t have a picture of Riley on my phone is a mystery but there are “grand” pictures a plenty…….just you wait!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

It Makes Me Smile:)

Friday….and on the fourth day…there was SUN! (not at first but, finally, by afternoon…for real and genuine SUN!)….and it was good!  Because, frankly, we have all been feeling a bit like this -


Too many days couped up in the house makes a soul tired! I read part of quote one time that said, “Sunshine is delicious….”  Oh, indeed.

Last night when we ran out to get some dinner…we spotted this family – and they made me smile!


And, night before last, my (former) airman started a new job…working security while we goes to school.


He works the midnight shift – as in stays up all night long!?!  Oh, to be young again.  Could not do that no matter how much they paid me.  But he does get to sleep during the day…which, for some reason, guys his age seem to have absolutely NO trouble doing!!

And, yes, the photo is blurry and I caught him mid-movement but – it still makes me smile!



On one final random note, I made some banana bread this week!  Haven’t had it in way too long but it was definitely time!  Yes, banana bread (and just about anything that ends in bread!) makes me smile!!

A few other things that make me smile:

Starbucks Pumpkin Lattes are BACK!!

Only four more days before we leave for Florida…and will meet the J-man for the first time!  It’s about time – he is four and a half months already!  Miss Riley is three already – and in Preschool!!  How did that happen??

Vacation plans!

White pizza – with lots of garlic  (had that for dinner last night…and I’m still smiling!)  

Apple picking…as in bonafide…walking the orchards, selecting the perfect ones and pluckin ‘em yourself from the tree (pretty fun for a city girl like myself!)  I have plans for this at the end of this month.

Thrift store bargains – I have had some really good luck lately! 

September birthdays…we have two at our house – and our anniversary too!  ANY excuse to celebrate…and eat fancy desserts!!


Have a sunny weekend, my friends!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Its Raining and So What

Today can be summed up in one word – rain!  Pounding rain.  Standing puddles of rain in the streets.  Pouring rain that makes it so hard to drive and so miserable to take the dogs out.  Endless rain.  If ONLY there was only some way to send some of this rain to our friends in Texas…I truly do feel for them!

Moving on – last week Kris had a really cute post for So What Wednesday…and today I caught myself thinking just that and, so, this is my short take on So What Wednesday?!?

SO WHAT…if I put a plastic Target bag - that I scrounged up from my son’s back seat – over my head so I could run from the car to the Panera without becoming completely soaked?!  Oh, yes indeed.  Jordan totally ignoring me and heard to say more than just once, “Not my mom.”

SO WHAT…given the choice, I would choose my “comfortable” shoes over my cute shoes any day.  Actually, I do most days.  And, good choice it was today – my cute shoes would have been ruined!  So, actually I’m the smart one, right?

SO WHAT…if the dog refuses to go out and take care of business unless he can share my umbrella – and I cater to him.  The neighbors already think I’m crazy.

And, just for the record

SO WHAT..if I am the last – and only -person on the planet who does not have Facebook.  I am all right with that.  Really, I am. 

What is it about Facebook anyways???

Ah, and the weather is expected to be exactly the same for two more days.  Oh my.  Happy Wednesday, friends:)

Monday, September 5, 2011


Welcome to Monday…Labor Day!  So today is the day we “honor contributions made by all workers”…oh, yes indeed – and I could go in all kinds of directions with that one!  Worker.  Um, in the kitchen and around its sink…working equally with the vacuum, the mop or the toilet bowl cleaner……or even in the yard – well, you get the idea.  Just havin’ some fun – but I really do appreciate all the hard work my sweet family does each and every day.

Not sure that Hubbie got much time off from “working” but, somehow, chores around the yard and house can actually be enjoyable – especially when we are all working together.   Today we cleaned out all the summer flowers, brush, etc.  They really were spent and now everything is cleaned and ready for some fall color – which we will plant once we get back from vacation.  (Yes, vacation countdown is on….)

flowers 2

I just couldn’t quite part with everything just yet – the geranium is my absolute favorite – so I left a couple of the pots on the backflowers 1 patio.  Just a last little bit of summer…cause we all know “indian summer” will certainly be here in a week or two.

I just love this little man plant holder that I picked up at the beginning of the summer -


flower guy 1

Somehow, he reminds us all of Tyler (?!?!) and has given us many a smile!

I did get a new fall wreath on the front door (picture of that later) but that is about as far as I got there.  Not a whole lot further inside the house either

fall welcome1

but it will get there.  And, for the rest of the day….I have to go to work – on Labor Day…go figure!! Smile  Hope you are enjoying some good time with your family and friends!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Little J-man Love!!

I realized it has been – well, forever – since I shared some pictures of the J-man!!  who is growing like a weed!!  Enjoy…and enjoy your long weekend as well!!  YEAH

4thJuly2011 090

2011-08-01 11.29.44