Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Can you spell that please??

Yesterday was my first day (alone) at work…well, at the new job!  It was a great day.  I don’t know how many people really enjoy getting up and going to work – maybe more than I think – but, if you do, it is indeed a gift.  And, I do.  I thank the Lord for giving me this opportunity.

Yesterday was also the first day of school.  The church and school share the same phone and, so, I answered a lot of calls from parents with school-related questions.  Parents with children with names like:  Nana, Speranza, Ha’lla, Paapa.  Or, perhaps, Aeneas, Ayekie or Abena.  And those are just the first names.

I spent a lot of time asking, “Can you spell that please??”

Monday, August 29, 2011

A Daybook Entry

It has been awhile since I did one of these but I remember that I can get a lot said without having to think too hard…which works for me these days!  So…here goes:

Outside my window….it is a picture perfect gorgeous day!  I hate to say that with so many suffering from horrible humidity, heat and drought but it is true!  Now, this past weekend we did have Irene run up the coast but, for us, it was more of a blessing than not.  The rain was not too heavy and was so needed.  We really did miss the ugly part of the storm – and I am thankful for that. 

I am thinking….how bizarre this past week was – just days before the hurricane threatened the East Coast, we experienced an earthquake!  Really now?  The earthquake was really weird and I had no idea what was happening and, therefore, I was too naïve to be worried or even scared.  But, I can also safely say that one earthquake in my lifetime is enough earthquake!

I am thankful for…my new job!  I began working at my church last week – two days a week and in a “spot” just right for me.  I am so privileged to have a part in this ministry and thank the Lord that He truly does desire to give us the desires of our heart.

I am wearing….yucky clothes because I am cleaning house all day.  I will definitely have to rethink my schedule with working.  Last week, I definitely feel behind in my housework and I truly don’t want that to happen because of the new job.  So, for now – Mondays will be housework day.  Not as bad as it sounds because I am one happy camper when all is in order at home!  But, right now my hands smell like Mr. Clean!

I am remembering…..the last hurricane we had around these parts.  I believe it was 2005.  So much more damage and power outages, etc.  We truly were fortunate this time.

I am going…to the mall tonight.  Not that it matters in the great scheme of things but tomorrow is the first day of school at the church/school and I think I just might look for a “back to school” outfit for myself!Smile

I am reading…Where is God? and it is taking me way too long to finish.  Reading just seems to be a chore to me these days.  Boo.

I am hoping…..the house stays this way for at least 24 hours.  Is that too much to ask??

On my mind….all the blessings that seem to come my children’s way and, unfortunately, I don’t think they see them as such.  I am thrilled and excited for them….and saddened at the same time.  God is so good and so patient -

They received a huge (material) blessing this weekend.  I’ll check about sharing the details but I was just tickled pink for them both!  And I have no problem – at all – seeing God’s abundant blessing!!

From the kitchen….Hubbie says we need to grill out tonight.  I’m tellin’ ya, the weather is gorgeous but I don’t want to rub it in.  And then maybe some whoopie pies!  After our walk this morning, my friend and I discussed these delicious sweet snacks – of course we did right after walking! – and now I have them on the brain.  Have you ever had one??l  YUM

Around the house….its shinySmile and the laundry is done (well, almost!) and everything is in its place.  I write that only so as to have record that it actually does occur once in a blue moon!!

Plans for the week….working, walking, coffee with a friend, shopping with another friend – and I really want to drag out my fall things and start putting them out.  Is it too early???  Maybe.  But I really want to!!

One of the favorite things….uh, well, pulling out my fall things and starting to decorate!

Friday, August 19, 2011

A Sweet Treat–Two, actually!

cupcake 2

Remember this most amazing looking cupcake?  And, trust me, it was as delicious as it was pretty.  It was a treat from a friend from the infamous Georgetown Cupcake – a cupcake bakery featured on tv and not too far from my home and, yet, I have never been there!  I know – why not??

But it took a sweet friend to come from all the way from South Carolina to stop by the bakery on her way home from a visit to DC in order for me to get a cupcake!! Now, how nice is that??

But – even better…this visit from a friend was a blog friend!  Someone I “met” while blogging and then was able to meet in person – now that was the true sweet treat!  Rose and her husband were in Washington, DC for several days (she has great photos on her blog! I never tire of pictures from the city!) and we were able to meet at Cracker Barrel on their way home.

They stopped at Georgetown Cupcake – even got there 45 minutes early to be the first in line….yes, there is a line outside every day! – in order to take cupcakes home to her daughter and family!   Yep, they are that sweet.  Apparently a bus arrived at Cracker Barrel just before we did and the place was swamped and completely unprepared (which seems silly when you are located right on the interstate but, whatever) and our meal was nothing short of a comical mess…but we shared some good laughs and enjoyed each other’s company as if we had been old friends!

I so enjoyed visiting.  I have heard of others having the chance to meet their “blog friends” but really thought I might have the opportunity – but so glad I did.  Just another reason to love blogging!! And the invitation is open and standing – if you are in..or near…the nation’s capital – please drop me line!!

Rose, so glad to have met you and your sweetie…and, thanks again for the cupcake!!

rose and i - back

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Well, Imagine That!

Thanks so much for the comments reassuring me that, at least, my blog did, indeed have a title!  Who knew??  I quickly went to check it out on Hubbie’s computer and – viola! – there it was!  I still cannot see it on my computer nor can I find the all important tabs but I’m still in business!

And, way overdue for a post.  What has been holding me back from posting – well, one good reason at least – is my lost camera!  Boo.  I cannot find it anywhere and, well, all blog posts are just more interesting with pictures.  I was going to post today without any pictures but just could not – so I will include just couple but they are from my cell phone and are even poorer quality than my usual photos.  Sad, but true.

Now for my best news….

grumpy jordan

My airman has come home!! and yes home – for good!  And, no, he doesn’t always look grumpy…what is it that is so difficult for saying cheese for your mama??!  He is on official “terminal leave” and will a civilian, once again, the end of September.

He earned his GI bill and will be starting classes – going back to school..ha – I love it! – in a month.  I have SO enjoyed having him around the house this last week.  He truly does his momma’s heart good! and he was too far away in Florida (not to mention Afghanistan!)  Who knows what the future holds – but, for now, I am enjoying having both of the kids close to home.  Now, if I could just do something about those grandbabies…….

And in other news…….

I have been offered a position at our church/school and will start working there next week.  This is where I was working before Tyler became sick and all our children were in school.  I am very excited and feel very blessed to have this opportunity.  That fact alone is a testimony of God’s continuing healing in my life (there was time I would have thought I could “never go back”).  God is truly good to me – allowing me, once again, to part apart of this ministry that I love.

Now, I will begin praying for wisdom to “balance all my blessings”!!Smile

There actually have been several other really fun things going on but if I share everything now – what will I post tomorrow (or the next day)??  Not to mention….you’d be bored!  But, just as a teaser….

Yesterday included this…..


and a sweet blog friend, too!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ugg….What have I done??

As if I can’t seem to find enough time to post as often as I would like – when I do get on the computer, what do I find myself doing?? but trying to update the look…or change the design of my blog.  Why??  I have no idea why but better yet – this new design is completely black at the top.  I cannot see the title and I cannot see the tab that leads me to correct, design or change anything.  Fortunately, I type my posts on LiveWriter or I would not even be able to find that tab!  Oh my.

I suppose I won’t be “redesigning” any time soon – and my blog will remain titleless.  Oh boy.  And now I have spent so much time trying to undo this mess, I am out of computer time – again.  But I WILL get a post up this evening….lots of fun stuff happening around here – well, fun for me, at leastSmile  That will, of course, be AFTER the Next Food Network Star – please tell me I am not the only one who is totally hooked on that show!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Five is Grace

Reading everyone’s sweet, heartfelt comments…and receiving so many “hugs”…has been such a blessing.  I thank each one of you for your comments, prayers and words of encouragement!

Did you notice what one of my girlfriends said??  The Hebrew meaning of five is GRACE!!  I love that.  I am clinging to it.  Over the past few years, I have claimed the word HOPE…and all it implies.  Well, my “new” word is grace!  (I think I’ll start cross-stitching a pillow now!!) Smile

Thank you, again, sweet friends.  And, tomorrow, exciting news!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Five Years

Five Years. I type those two words...and then I sit here. Speechless. Overwhelmed. And heartbroken. Can it truly be five entire years since our sweet Tyler breathed his last breath here on earth? Yes, he awoke to breathe new air ("and found it celestial" as the beautiful song goes) but he left us behind...and, oh my, how we have missed him.

Today my heart is full of a myriad of emotions. My brain races with so many memories - almost too many memories. And, yet...God has given me peace. And little glimpses of Heaven and sweet reminders of His continued presence, comfort and care for each of us missing Tyler.

I'm not sure I can correctly express my thoughts today (actually I'm rather positive that I cannot); however, I am using this post to "think aloud".....and if you choose to skip it from here, that will not offend me. But God is so good and has been so patient - and I am beginning to see it as I think back over the past five years.

There was a time - in those first months...or longer - that Tyler was my motivation for living. The deepest and darkest pit of despair jeered and called my name and with ever fiber of my being I wanted to crawl inside, cover myself in a thick blanket of despondency and simply lie there. But I told myself every morning, that would not honor Tyler's life. (Of course, there were other reasons this was a totally bad idea but the idea of Tyler being so disappointed with me truly was my reason.) Each morning, I pressed on.

Then I found myself seeking out and connecting with other grieving moms. Having someone "understand" me was enormous. Having someone who would listen to me talk about Tyler - and even wanted to do so! - was a true gift. Believing I could do the same for them in return, if just in a small way, was a tremendous gift. Some of these women were in my life for just a season and others remain good friends, but ALL of them are precious to me and continue to be inspirations.

And, for the majority of the past five years, I have been propelled by the idea of making Tyler's life "count".....trying to ensure not only that his precious life was remembered but the significance of that life would be recognized. It truly is a grieving mother's greatest fear - that her child will somehow be forgotten. On even the darkest days (and there are still very sad days), this preserving Tyler's memory has been my motivation to truly keep pressing on.

And here is where I'm not sure if I can express my heart. However, as I reflect on these stages, while none of them are wrong, I notice they are linked to "the past." And God has been gently shaping (or reshaping) my spirit, molding my heart and giving me a new longing - with a new purpose - that turns towards the future. To be sure, my memories are a treasure. The impact of Tyler's life on so many has been a gift. And while they continue to serve a purpose, these things do not have to be my motivation for living. Indeed, they cannot be for these things pass away. Heaven is my goal. Honoring my savior with my life is my motivation. Allowing Him to use my experiences to minister to others is cause to keep pressing on.

The beautiful thing is Tyler is also a part of my future!! I know - as sure as I know Tyler is my son - that Tyler was God's child and he is now in Heaven waiting for that grand reunion by and day (maybe soon!) he will take me by the hand to meet Jesus face to face. What a day that will be! Truly there is no better reason for living than that!