Monday, July 25, 2011

My Little Rooster Jar

Good Monday evening!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  The weather has been 110 in the shade – literally! – and HUMID!  I love the summer but my yard is so sad looking and the porch plants are not much better.  We could certainly use a good shower or two…even a summer storm would be welcomeSmile

This past weekend in our neck of the woods…it was the 150th anniversary of a civil war battle and there was plenty of hoopla – complete with reenacters in their long-sleeve wool shirts and jackets, etc.  I have to confess I do not appreciate history nearly as much as I should (well, I appreciate it….I just would never be considered a history buff) but I totally do not understand making your hobby reenacting wars.  Way past me.  But, apparently, there are A LOT of folks who do just that for fun…and a whole lot more who are more than willing to sit in the open sun-parched field to watch ‘em!!

It is safe to say – I did not join in the celebration.  I didn’t much venture out of the house for that matter – it was hot.  I have been working on a few projects around the house.  Nothing huge..just fun.  And that brings me to my question…..

I saw this little jar at the consignment store last week….

kitchen jar

I loved it! and I had to have itSmile  Now, what do I want to do with it??  I’m open for suggestions.  Its not too big but the opening is “wide mouth” – I’m just curious how you would use it??

Thanks friend!!  Oh, and just for the record – Christmas is exactly 6 months from today!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Reverse Thinking

My hats off to all of you who are able to post on your blogs with some type of regularity! How do you do it?? Each morning, I have the best of intentions...and each evening, I resolve to try again tomorrow (sounds exactly like my approach to exercising)!!

Although I have not posted this week, I have been able to read through your blogs and even visit a couple new ones - do you suppose THAT is where all my time goes?!?? I even seem to have found the cure for not being able to leave comments:) Woo Hoo.

While I was browsing, I came across this video. I was so impacted...I wanted to remember it and have a chance to share it. So, I'm posting it:) Yep, that's multi-tasking:)

Have a wonderful weekend, friends.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hello sweet friends…….

Oh, where to begin……if I only had some catchy title to announce the repair of my computer, my reconnection to cyberspace and my return to the blogging world!  But, suffice it to say…all of that is true.  Hopefully, my computer woes are behind me.  It has been quite the challenge – as well as quite nice in many respects – to be internet free/unavailable for almost two months but, yes, the time has come to finally reconnect!

I have been trying to read your blogs and I am amazed at all that I have missed and the busy, eventful lives so many of you live!!  But it has been fun to “catch up” a bit and I will be awhile reading through back posts.  And then, of course, there will be posting of my own to do.  I have yet to decide how often that will take place but I’m just excited to, at least, have the option… blog or not to blog today??

My last post certainly was a cliffhanger – ok, may that is a stretch – but our daughter was soon to deliver….and deliver she did!!  Let me introduce the newest (cutest) little one in our family… 

J-man photos

Welcome Baby Jack…..or the J-man!!