Friday, March 25, 2011

Until Heaven

Yes, I have been on a blogging break - a much needed break. Simply thinking....reevaluating as well as regrouping and prioritizing. It has been a good break.

But I have enjoyed visiting my blog friends - although I have not been on the computer as often. I am, so often, truly blessed and encouraged when I visit your blogs as you share your thoughts, your creative ideas and, simply your hearts!

I hope to begin posting again soon - in the next week or so, perhaps. But I did want to get a post in to share a blog site that is very special to me. I am so privileged to have a (very) small part in this site. I am humbled to share "writing space" with such special writers as the other moms included here. The blog is Until Heaven.

It is written specifically for moms who have children diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses. It offers real hope from moms "who have been there" and encouragement along the way.

This blog is still in its baby stage but I just know that God has big plans for this site and the potential for what God can do with these weekly devotionals is awe-inspiring to me. The devotions are published once a week - on Mondays - and, really, are wonderful for any mom...but, especially for moms who are hurting because their child is hurting. If you know of anyone who could be encouraged by this blog....please share it with them.

As well, we would love to honest feedback on how we can make this site the most helpful for those who need it. Please share.