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Friday, January 29, 2010

Heard This Before?

I find that more and more often I am one of those older folks (that not too long ago I would giggle at) know the ones who say things like: I remember when.... or When I was a kid..... I thought I'd never get there, but I so have! The other day, Hubbie sent me a list of "Things You Don't Hear Anymore" and I was relating to almost all of them! Do you recognize any of these?

Don't go outside with your school clothes on! I grew up going to public school and didn't wear a uniform but there was definitely a big difference in our school clothes and our play clothes...and my mother was none too happy to find you playing after school before you had changed your clothes.

Go comb your hair. It looks like a rat's nest! So, my mother.

Put a dish towel over the cake so the flies won't get on it. Makes perfect sense to me.

You've torn the knees out of the pants so many times there is nothing left to put a patch on. Okay, I even tried to patch one of my boy's pants when they were younger and I couldn't even find patches anymore. Patches are now decorative accessories.

Don't forget to wind the clock before you go to bed. I'm not children even have to stop and think when they have to READ an "old-fashioned" clock - not digital!

Wash your feet before you go to've been playing outside all day barefooted. I'm wondering if we were that dirty, why didn't we just take a bath??

Open the back door and see if we can get a breeze through here; its getting hot. We bought a house with central air conditioning when I was in 8th grade and thought we had moved into "high cotton". It had a dishwasher too!!

You can walk to the store; it won't hurt you to get some exercise. My friends and I loved going to the store for our moms. We usually rode our bikes. We rode our bikes everywhere and stayed outside all day long - unattended. Our moms never "worried" about us. (Life was good.)

Don't sit too close to the TV; its hard on your eyes. OR Don't cross your eyes; they will stick that way. Too funny.

And two of my personal favorites:

If you get a spanking in school and I find about it, you'll get another one when you get home. Indeed. And,

If you pull that stunt again, I'll wear you out! A total classic. I so hope my brother is reading this!! :) Have a memory-filled weekend!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Plan-It

A Thankful Thursday post about a daytimer! As anyone knows, I am a bit of a fanatic about organizing and, yes, somewhat, obsessive about lists. And, not too long ago...I could pretty much keep all my "lists" in my head - whether daily or long-term. Then - I started forgetting things. Too many things. And it was really upsetting my organized little life. Last year, I took the plunge and bought myself a daytimer, of sorts. It was really a small spiral-bound calendar book with some in the margin for a few "notes to self." I am not kidding when I say this was a big step for me because I hated! admitting that my brain - my memory - needed assistance. Fast forward a year - and I was hooked. I love that little book and use it always.

So, this year, I wanted a new one. Duh. But I thought I would be thrifty and wait until January to buy one half price (I usually do this with my wall calendar...which is strictly "for looks"!) I didn't realize they would be gone - completely sold out. I have searched all my Christian book stores for just the perfect one but I could not find any one...much less perfect. (Why the obsession with one from the book store and not just a plain black one from Target ..... I've no idea.)

Yesterday, I asked Hubbie if he would check one more bookstore that is way out of the way for me to go to but in his area while he is out for work. And he did. And they were totally sold out. Now, Hubbie is a chatter and he was "chatting" with the clerk about my looking for a daytimer and blah, blah - and a shopper in the store spoke up and told him about a bookstore located in a church somewhere way on another side of town.

And he drove over there. And he found one! And not just ANY calendar book - it is too cute. With much bigger daily squares (for more organizing) and spaces to jot shopping notes and daily "to get done" lists! I am in organizing heaven this morning!!

I'm tellin' ya - that man of mine could have brought home a dozen roses and I wouldn't have been as thrilled!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Longing for Great Faith

My Bible reading this morning included Matthew, chapter eight. I was struck, once again, by verse 27..."But the men marvelled, saying, What manner of man is this, that even the winds and the sea obey him!"

After a busy day that included healing a leper (v. 3), healing the centurion's servant (v. 13), healing Peter's mother-in-law (v.15) and casting out devils from many that were brought to Him (v. 16)...the disciples find themselves in a storm on the sea. They awaken Jesus who rebukes the wind and the sea, calming the storm and the disciples seem to be dumbfounded, amazed and even a bit baffled! Their thoughts are, "Who is this man??" Miracle after miracle they have just witnessed - been in the presence of - and yet they are amazed.

They just had not grasped that there were - and there are - NO limits to God. No limits to His power, His grace, His ability to heal and to help, or His willingness to intervene on our behalf. We are the ones who limit God. I suppose there are several ways we can limit Him but certainly our small faith - our lack of faith - is one significant way we limit God's working in our own lives.

The leper expressed his faith, God commended the centurion's great faith and repeatedly faith is linked to God's miracles. And yet, often my faith is as small as the disciples. I have seen God do wonderful things - amazing, even miraculous things, not only in my own life but also in the lives of friends, family and others I know. Then why do I so easily convince myself there are just some situations, heartaches, burdens or requests that will never change or will not be answered? I certainly do not want to doubt God or in any way limit His working - and working mightily - by my small faith.

The centurion said (in verse 8).."I am not worthy....but speak the word only, and my servant shall be healed." Not worthy, yet filled with faith.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Having to Say Goodbye to a Friend

A Simple Woman's Daybook: January 25, 2010

Outside my window... it is unseasonably warm, which is lovely, but the wind sounds like it is about "to blow the house down!" (Not by the hair of my chiny, chin, chin.....which would be cute if there were not actually hairs on my chiny, chin, chin!!)

I am thinking....about my incomplete Bible study homework that I need to finish before tomorrow. The daily work has been great and the questions have really caused me to think. I just need to make it part of the, I am behind a couple days which stresses me. Homework is just stressful - at any age! And, then, in Sunday school, Pastor is challenging us to memorize the weekly scripture that goes with our lesson. Homework and memorization - ahh!

I am thankful for....Nellie (finally!) getting her driver's license back. She passed on her third, and final, try. She was determined - and studied and re-studied the book and persevered. And she did it. That said - I am also quite nervous about her driving. It really is a difficult situation.

I am coat today!! YIPPEE! Perfect sweater weather (at least for a day or two)..oh - and an umbrella!!

I am remembering...(if only I could say, this week's memory verse - but I'll get there)....way back to the elementary days and carpooling. I don't know why......this heavy rain and the school buses going by remind me of so many similar mornings when I would take my three children and two others to school. The little boy I would take along had an absolute phobia of earth worms (go figure) and, of course, the sidewalk would have more than a few of these little creatures wiggling around after the rain - he was beside himself. Sadly, I really did not have the patience for it (for 20th time) each morning as I tried to load the van and get to school on time. Looking back, though, it was pretty funny. He is a VMI cadet now - some day, I'll have to remind him how far his courage has come!!

I am breakfast with my friend this morning. Panera on a Monday morning should start the week off right!

I am reading...The Power of Praying for Your Adult Children - excellent, so far.

I am hear from Jordan soon. He lost his cell phone and I haven't been able to contact him.

On my my sweet friend, Susan. She is moving this week and has been so upset. I pray I can be a blessing to her this week and that she will allow Christ to encourage her. She really does not want to leave (I don't want her to leave either!) but God surely has good things in store for them in Pennsylvania.

From the kitchen...I hope to make some interesting meals for "one"....with my diet, I still need to feed Hubbie but not have much leftover - he does NOT do leftovers!

Around the house.....the refrigerator needs a repair (the ice maker/water dispenser exactly) and I surely hope the warranty will cover it. From my experience - warranties never cover anything.

Plans for the week...helping Susan dry those tears, working on memorizing, some chores around the house (boring), more looking at curtains (I have no idea here), more working on memorizing and, hopefully, a trip to the mall.

One of my favorite organized junk drawer!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

An Attempt at a Collage

This is me...just playing with pictures - scroll down for the actual post!

This is What You Get

Hey, Riley - can I take your picture???

No, c' for Mommy

Almost - say "Cheese!"

What a ham!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thankful for Friends - and Quiet:)

Thankful Thursday.....

It was wonderful (yes, wonderful) to have Riley and her mommy:) here all last week! We are thankful for the simple, yet fun, things we were able to do and that the weather was actually rather pleasant. Riley is still on a pretty tight schedule so we did not do anything that kept us away from the house too long (read that - at naptime!) but even the simplest things done with child are sweet - fun! Our trip to the mall turned out to be one the highlights of the week. Riley rode the carousel (in the mall) and the train that rides throughout the mall. You'd have thought we were at Disney! I will try to have that much fun again the next time I'm at the mall!

I am thankful for every day they were here. But - don't read here Erica:) - it also nice to have the house "back to normal" with just Hubbie and I puttzing around....just the boring two of us! Our life is simple - and quiet - but it feels good. And I am thankful for that as well. Funny - both of us are somewhat OCD about "a place for everything and everything in its place..." so it feels good to have things in their place. (I've got to starting working early on Miss Riley to put each and every toy neatly back in its place....ha ha and LOL!)

That said - can't wait for them to come back - maybe Daddy can come next time, too. Life is one paradox...I'm tellin' you. Some other things I am thankful for this week:

**my friend, Judy. It was her birthday this week. She and I have been friends since elementary school (long time!) and she is a wonderful person, mom and friend! She has a terrific sense of humor and she really likes to laugh. I don't laugh nearly enough (you know, its supposed to be good for well as fun) and she ALWAYS gets me laughing - and laughing hard! I hope her day was fantastic.

**warmer weather these past couple days and the hat, scarf and gloves staying in the closet!

**seeing God's working on a deep prayer request of mine.

**my senior friend, Nellie and her husband, Paul. They seem to face a new challenge every week and they do get overwhelmed at times. However, their testimonies - as sweet saints as well as a couple - are such an encouragement to me. Their bodies may be old and frail and their circumstances are often difficult but they have one another and they love the Lord. It really is sweet.

**this verse from my Bible reading this morning

"Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ." Romans 5:1

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Moving On to Canaan

Ladies' Bible study began again after the holiday break and I always look forward to it...the fellowship with friends and the new studies. (This group I attend is called "Joy in the Morning"..isn't that a great name for Bible study?)

Yesterday, I began a study by Priscilla Shirer called "One in a Million" - only week one, but I throughly enjoyed it. We are looking at the children of Israel's journey from bondage in Egypt to the Promised Land as we think about our own personal journey towards that land of "abundant living"...overflowing with milk and honey...that God has offered for all believers. Of the nearly two million children who fled Egypt, TWO actually entered Canaan! (Yes, that "one in a million"!) This study is about encouraging each of us to actually enter the" promised land" we are entitled to as God's child....and not being content to live in the wilderness.

I'll admit, when I first considered the analogy, I was thinking of Canaan as Heaven...and this life now as my wilderness journey (and sometimes, it does feel like that)...but God's word tells us repeatedly that, as a Christian, an abundant life - full and overflowing - is mine now. It is that life He has promised, I believe, that Canaan represents in this study. There is no need to settle for the wilderness when Christ came "that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly." (Jn 10:10)

I am really excited about this study - even the homework! And that Miss Shirer is too cute (so enjoyable to listen).

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Few More Pictures

Everyone is back home now. The toys are all packed away. And it is beyond too quiet around here. (Hubbie is going to have to start making some noise!!) We had a wonderful week...what a blessing to have Riley and her mommy here for an entire week! Already planning the next visit.

Plans for this week include: getting the house back in order (there was no housekeeping done to steal away from fun time:) ), a much needed haircut, a visit to the cemetery, and Bible study starts back on Tuesday. I'm looking forward to some great lessons this semester.

One more thing....catch up with the blogs I so enjoy. Hope to "visit" several friends! Hope your week is off to a wonderful start.

Every new thing is the greatest thing! Riley's favorite word...."WOW!" (too cute!)

Three generations I love..............

So big!!! Goodness, we miss you already!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Ho Hi, Bailey

Ok - so for my favorite Riley antic thus far (and she does keep me smiling), I have to introduce you to my daughter (Em)'s dog, Bailey!! She is such a sweet dog, totally loves Riley- loves EVERYONE - is so happy to have someone around who has as much energy as she does....and is the size of a small horse!! She and Riley became instant friends and companions!

So, this is Riley the other night with Bailey.....

That's right...she is getting ON Bailey:)

even held onto her ears for the ride....

and gently bounced as if riding a pony!!
It was both adorable - and hysterical - at the same time! And, for all my animal loving friends, we did not let her stay there - but we made Riley get off before Bailey even moved an inch! Still makes me laugh!
The week is flying by - hope all of you are looking forward to a great weekend. Maybe some more pictures...surely, more stories...come Monday!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Play Time

Mommy and her sweet girl......that's right! We are all having a great time with both of them here. Riley is keeping us all entertained - and she has found quite a few ways to entertain herself, as well.............

Tug of war with Rascal is a real favorite...

Sometimes, Rascal even lets her win!

Helping Mimi get ready in the morning is also a lot of fun. Who needs toys when there are makeup utensils...and even dog toys (gross)!

A trip to Chick-Fil-A is always a hit!! Roo and I got to spend the afternoon together yesterday which totally made my week!

She is saying, "Turtle!" Totally knows the word fish but not yesterday!

Making new friends:)

Oh - and we celebrated Mommy's birthday. Erica and Emily spent the afternoon shopping - without baby (which was a present to me!) and for our little party last night, we had ice cream cupcakes....I've never had these but, my goodness, were they good! Of course, after a week and a half on my diet, just about anything remotely sugar laden would be divine! Back on track today:)

Mommy and Miss Riley!

For my personal favorite "Riley antic"....check back tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Such Fun!

Just a quick update - everyone arrived safe and sound! The house is full of giggles and squeals....and teddy grahams and cheerios.....and I am lovin' life! Pictures and more news to follow:)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Fun Week Ahead

The Simple Woman's Daybook: Mon., Jan. 11

Outside my window... it is still frigid - will there ever be a break in this cold weather??

I am thinking... about Erica and Riley arriving tomorrow! And now there are snow flurries in the forecast. While I would love for Riley to see her first snow falling, I sure hope they do not experience any delays because of weather - Erica will, no doubt, be at her limit with two hours on the plane!

I am thankful for... Maria loaning us a car seat for the week (again). We have to rent a crib (which is okay) and checked into renting a car seat as well - 60 dollars! What?? I hate to repeatedly borrow from my friends but I became somewhat desperate at that price. I am now on the hunt for a good used one to buy and have from now on - goodness.

I am wearing...warm, winter clothes...again. I don't know if I'll ever go out without three layers again!

I am beyond excited my mom used to get when we would head down to North Carolina for a visit - she planned for days! She would fill the pantry and refrigerator to overflowing with everyone's favorites and always had little gifts and goodies for the kids (one of her love languages was definitely gifts!) She spoiled all of us and everyone always looked forward to going to Mimi's house!! I am getting the idea of how much fun it is looking forward to the visit!

I am going... to get my puppy groomed today - and not a minute to soon, I might add! He is looking grungy!

I am reading... all the updates on Baby Ryan at his Mommy's blog. What a miracle boy - that I actually met and fell in love with while volunteering at Children's - and such a great story!! He came home this weekend!!!

I am hoping... Jordan can get some leave approved sometime soon - and can come home for a visit!!

On my mind... (and on my heart) is Melanie, another momma missing her boy, and just trying to imagine what that day in Heaven will be like when we are all together again.

From the kitchen... I am trying to decide what to cook while Erica and Riley are here. This new diet kinda takes the fun out of meal planning - I'm doing all the planning (and cooking) but don't get to eat it!

Around the house... we are getting ready for a toddler! What fun:)

Plans for the week... be flexible!! I have some ideas for things to do with Miss Roo and her mom....but we will see what actually pans out. I DO plan to go to a book signing at the Christian bookstore and hope to meet Dr. Stanley. I've never been to one of these type of events - do you actually get to meet and talk with the author? I'll let you know.

One of my favorite things... shoes for Miss Riley! Could shoes for toddler girls be any cuter?? I could probably buy a new pair every day - adorable ones are everywhere I go! That girlie probably has more pairs of shoes that I do:)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Foto Friday - She's Coming Soon!

That's right...after seven long months, Miss Roo (and her mommy) are coming back for a visit! My how she has changed! She is talking up a storm (can anyone say "like mommy, like daughter") and even "expressing her own opinion" :) We can't wait to giggle, and play, and just have a wonderful time!! They will be here on Tuesday - say a prayer for Mommy...she is a bit nervous flying with a toddler without Daddy's help.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Way Too Much of a Good Thing

Not alot of time to blog today....I met with a great sized group of ladies this morning for breakfast - our montly ladies' day out! It was wonderful so many ladies could make it and to see a few new faces, too. Always a nice way to start the morning:) And I'll be out the door soon for a doctor's appointment and a few other errands..before the snow this afternoon (not much predicted but anything seems to be a big deal around here!) So for my Thankful Thursday, I'm just TOO thankful that I don't live here.......

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hearing His Voice

I still have not come up with the catchy title for my Wednesday posts but, primarily for my own benefit, I want to have a specific time to put down some of the thoughts the Lord has given me over the past week during my devotional time. I seems the older I get (and, yes, I am getting older...just not old, yet), I really need to write things down if I want to remember them for more than 24 hours. And, perhaps, they will be a help to someone else as well.

Exodus 2:1-4

Now Moses kept the flock of Jethro his father in law, the priest of Midian: and he led the flock to the backside of the desert, and came to the mountain of God, even to Horeb.

And the angel of the LORD appeared unto him in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush: and he looked, and, behold, the bush burned with fire, and the bush was not consumed.

And Moses said, I will now turn aside, and see this great sight, why the bush is not burnt.

And when the LORD saw that he turned aside to see, God called unto him out of the midst of the bush, and said, Moses, Moses. And he said, Here am I.

Often when I read familiar stories of great Bible characters, I try to imagine myself in their shoes. In that place - that situation or circumstance - where we see them in the Bible...and then imagine my reaction. The fact that Moses did not panic or overreact when he came upon the burning bush, I believe, says alot about his personality. He was not frightened but intrigued - even hopeful to discover something miraculous.

However, verse four says much about Moses' relationship with God. When a voice called his name out of a burning bush, Moses answered. Moses knew the awesome ways of his God - perhaps even recognized his the very least, knew he was being spoken to. Would I have even heard the Lord's voice? In my panic, excitement or even trembling, would I have missed the voice? And, if I did hear His voice calling my name, I think my first reaction would probably have been more one of doubt, disbelief or maybe great fear.

That makes me wonder......can I hear His speaking to me today? No, I don't expect He will call my name from a bush on fire - but I do believe He still speaks to His children. And often it is in that "still small voice".....but will I recognize His voice? Is our relationship intimate enough that I not only hear Him speak to me, but recognize Him and then am able to answer, "Here am I."

Certainly that is one of my "resolutions" for this coming year.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

ACV - its Gross!

Note to self....this new diet of mine involves exercise, a lot of salad, and some concoction that includes apple cider vinegar - and is disgusting!! Just to remind myself, I've copied these thoughts from the internet:

First let me say that apple cider vinegar is a completely natural product, resulting from the fermentation of apple juice to hard apple cider followed by a second fermentation to apple cider vinegar.
This natural product retains all the nutritional goodness of the apples from which it was made plus it is fortified with the extra acids and enzymes produced during the two fermentation steps.
It's the sum of all these ingredients that give apple cider vinegar its amazing health benefits.

It is generally believed that the nutrients, enzymes, and organic acids in apple cider vinegar cause weight reduction by acting as an appetite suppressant, by increasing your body's metabolic rate, by reducing water retention, and by helping you maintain a feeling of well being.

Well, it has worked great for several of my friends and I'm willing to give it a try but, I repeat, it is DISGUSTING!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Too Cold to Think

I have seen these entries several places and thought I would give it a try this frigid Monday morning. My brain is so cold, this might help me focus!! Have a wonderful Monday!

The Simple Woman's Daybook: Mon., Jan. 4

Outside my window... there is lots of sunshine but the temperatures are still in the 20s!!

I am thinking... about all the kiddos who had to start back to school this (bitter cold) morning. I remember those days and that's actually one thing I DON'T miss!

I am thankful for... our fireplace! We'd never had one before moving to our new house..and we are lovin' it!

I am wearing... a huge over-size sweatshirt that is way too big but is so warm and cozy! I call it my "snow day" shirt!

I am remembering... those cold school mornings and how it was always Jordan's job to brave the cold and start the van so it would be toasty warm for the rest of us (no garage in those days!) Thanks Jordan!!

I am going... to embrace this new diet!

I am reading... through the Bible - categorically - with my church this year.

I am hoping... the predicted snow this weekend will not amount to anything. My friend's daughter is getting married this Saturday (why plan a wedding in January..I don't know but she did and I hope the weather is bareable!)

On my mind... (and on my heart) is Jordan - as usual.

From the kitchen... I am wondering how to creatively cook "for one" while I embrace this diet. Hubbie has no plans at all to diet! :)

Around the house... things are beginning to look more and more "like home"! And that makes my heart happy!

Plans for the week... dusting (where does it all come from??), exercising -ugh!, a girlfriend over tomorrow and "girls' day out" on Thursday.

One of my favorite things... reading my daughter's blog and seeing the silly pictures of Riley!

Friday, January 1, 2010

The Start of a New Year

Why I found this New Years graphic too cute, I have no idea! Maybe it reminds me of those crazy noise makers that (fortunately) we did not use this year. We had a quiet - almost too quiet - New Year's Eve this year. When the children were growing up, we always brought the new year in with friends, food and quite a bit of noise. Each Januray 1st, we start off saying "we're not doing that again" - but we always did. This year, well, I don't think we thought it through enough and we really had nothing of a plan when it came down to it. Definitely something we will have to work on for next time.
We have spent a nice day at home working around the house. Hubbie and I are so enjoying our new home. Yes, 2009 did come with several difficult days (especially there at the end) but there were also many, many blessings - and this new home is certainly one of them. We have yet to do any entertaining but I am certainly looking forward to welcoming many friends and visitors during the upcoming months. Certainly wish many of my blogging friends could stop by for a cup of coffee or tea! Funny thing about the friends I've made here on my blog....yesterday, I thought I was all goofy for buying a bathing suit in December - oh no, so many comments about what a great idea it was to start early (apparently I'm not the only one who finds this a chore)...who knew?? You guys are the best encouragers!
I have been working on my goals for this new year - have you?? Most of mine are personal goals but one idea I did come across on a blog was choosing a "word" for this next year. Claiming it. Embracing it. Challenging myself with it. And letting it affect my new year. I liked that idea - and I have chosen the word JOY. Real abiding JOY that is mine no matter what a day may bring, what the circumstances of life might be or the emotions I might feel. JOY that comes from within and is possible because Christ lives within me. I'll admit, I struggle in this area and, more often than I'd like to admit, my emotions overwhelm me. So, this year - I'm claiming JOY!!