Friday, August 28, 2009

A Couple Blogs to Check

We are all having a great time with Jordan home! The house feels so much "more right" with children (even big ones) in it! We are on our way out the door to get his glasses fixed - some things never change! - and then, for driving lesson number two! Lesson one went better than I thought...

Just thought I would share a few of my favorite blogs this week. If you haven't read about Ryan, check here! This little guy has been my hero the past weeks...what a fighter and such a cutie! He turned six months a few weeks ago - and all six months of his life are an amazing miracle. He wasn't supposed to survive at all....yet, he did great with his first major surgery yesterday - with more to come! I've had the chance to meet his mom and sisters while volunteering and have rocked Ryan several times - and each time, he melts my heart. His story is a great one - if not a tear-jerker, too. If you stop by, please tell Leighann you're praying for all of them!

I also found this recipe for Blueberry Cake at Theres No Place Like Home. Kelli's blog is so pretty! And I love her recipes - in fact, I'm making the cake for tonight. Ok, so its not exactly football watching food but I'm much more interested in the cake than the wings! (not a wing fan!)

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! God has been richly blesses me this week.....hope to share some next week!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Need I Say More?!?

Thankful Thursday.... Jordan made it home safely and right on time! And we made it to the airport on time, despite our ever-present traffic jams! Jordan looks fantastic - in such good shape and that blazing Texas heat did give him an awesome tan! :)

One of our "big plans" for the week is getting him a driver's license - after I teach him to drive, of course! Should make for some awesome mother/son moments!!

Home Again!!

And Happy About It!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Only a Few More Hours to Wait

I spent the day putting fresh sheets on his bed and plumping the pillows....making menus of all his favorite meals...and shopping for sugar cereal (lots of milk!), bagel bites and other snacks and those silly expensive all-natural smoothy drinks!!! Oh, I also ordered some balloons from the party store (to be picked up tomorrow) - and then I texted him for the zillionth time...just checking!!

WHY??? Because my handsome, newly graduated Airman is coming home!!! Tomorrow!! He gets a ten day break before heading to his first duty station - in Florida :) - and to say that I will not be able to sleep tonight is just about right on....

I can't wait!!

A Bracelet Giveaway

Who wouldn't love a bracelet like this? I think it is adorable...and there are lots more just like it in all sorts or colors and patterns! And they are going to be given away....

Over at Morning Glories and Moonflowers - in honor of her 700th post (yes 700!!) When does she have time to make bracelets?? Check it out for yourself! But I so want to win myself :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Riley's Visit to Poppy's

My last post included pictures from the first day of Riley's if there would be days two, three, etc. to follow. Obviously that didn't happen! Who knew?!? Playing with a sweet grandbaby would fill your days and, then, leave you no energy to stay up late and get on the computer?!? But that's no excuse,'ve promised to start blogging all those Riley updates - so, get busy!!

We had a wonderful week....spent a lot of time together as a family - some watching the Redskins actually win! and ALOT just watching the baby do whatever babies do all day!! We ate way too much food (why does that always happen?!?), did a little shopping - Riley is in training, you know - and even visited a few of the local "visitor" spots. We went to Mount Vernon and the guys even toured the Pentagon (thanks Tony).

Indulge I share some pictures from our week! I'm telling you - I may never need to scrapbook again:)

Precious Perfection!!

Playing "Where's Riley" for the 1,223rd time!!
Remember...if she can't see you, then
you can't see her!

One day,we (that would be five adults with one baby)
went to an indoor kids play zone/jump house!
I'm not sure but the "big kids" may have
enjoyed it as much - or even more -
than the baby!!
I'm not I like it???

YES....I love it!!
Riley's Aunt Emma is so much fun!!

The "big boys" decided to challenge each other to an
inflatible slide race
(the warning written on the side says "tight squeeze" for a reason)
Dad.....and all the other children:)
Uncle Tony sacrificing life and limb (literally)
to pull off the narrow win!

Mommy, Daddy and Miss Roo!!
(We miss you already!)

The outside swing was a
Huge Hit!!

Erica and Dad, aka Poppy!!
(my handsome Hubby!)

Having fun shopping -
who can resist trying on a silly hat?!?

Riley and silly Daddy!!
You guys, keep givin' her kisses for us, too!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Riley Fun and Peach Chops

What fun we are having!! The plane ride went great - yeah Riley!! and we have been playing ever since :) Just a few pictures to share - and a quick recipe at the end! Life is so much fun!!

With Mommy and Daddy at the airport!!

Riley's first plane ride!!

Such a big girl :)

Its been a long time since Poppy fixed up the
baby stuff.....and stuff there is, to be sure!!

I'm doing most meals in the crock pot this week - more time to play that way! Here is a yummy idea:
Brown 4-6 boneless pork chops
I seasoned mine just a bit first
Baste one side with peach preserves and
place in crock pot
Pour 15oz. can of peaches over chops and
add about 1/4 - 1/2 cup of the juice
Cook on low all day til so tender!!
I just love that crock pot!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Day is Finally Here

I've waited over a year....and today Miss Riley (and her parents) arrive for a visit! Her first trip on an airplane! To say we are all excited would surely be an understatement - details and pictures to follow......

Friday, August 14, 2009

My Comfort Zone

I love that picture....of the humble home! Actually, I just love "home"! No, our house doesn't have any chickens but its our little space and it makes me feel good. Don't get me wrong - I had a great time away for a couple days and really enjoyed being with my nephews....even though I did feel quite old!...but my heart is always longing for home. Its my comfort zone.

I was reminded of a great quote I heard last week from Charles Stanley:

Your comfort zone is where your faith goes to sleep!

No - not my home...but that easy spot where life just feels good:) Isn't that where I would just love to stay?! But I need God to routinely push me out of my comfort challenge me or even make me uncomfortable - because it is outside of my comfort zone that my faith grows, my dependence on Him deepens and most of the victories are seen! I thank Him for the ways He has been "pushing" me lately....and for the way I am seeing His hand at work.

Looking forward to a busy weekend - planning and counting the days until that sweet granddaughter comes to visit....she'll be here on Tuesday!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ever So Humble

Actually home.....and hopefully will be caught up and blogging tomorrow! I've so enjoyed reading through all my favorite blogs!! :)

Monday, August 10, 2009


Spending some time with my favorite boys.................

I am out of town this least, for a couple days. Probably will not be on the computer to post but maybe I'll have a chance to breeze through blogland a bit!! Have a wonderful week.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Miss Roo - Thirteen Months and a Mess!

Photo Friday (even easier than scraping....)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Time to Be Thankful

Just a few of the many things I'm thankful for this Thankful Thursday....

* all the prayers, cards, comments - even flowers - that showered us with love this past weekend
* rainbows - and the constant reminders of God's faithfulness
* Tyler's sweet friends...that so miss their friend as they look forward to their Senior year!! Go Class of 2010!!
* sugar-free dark chocolate (my small vice since going "sugar free")
* rediscovering bike riding - what fun...the wind in your hair......and waving to the others out jogging (like your actually part of the exercise crowd..ha!)
* today is Ladies Day Out - once a month fun! And today is Cheesecake Factory!
* The Cheesecake Factory (did I mention I'd gone sugar free?!?!)
* my new vacuum!! No kidding, I am seriously addicted to vacuuming! (I really need to get out more!)
* Miss Roo is walking :)
I truly am so blessed! I hope each of you have a blessed Thankful Thursday! So for stopping by today.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Big D Little D's Diner

If you ever find yourself in Strasburg, Virginia....or even running up Interstate sure to take the time for a bite to eat at Big&Lil D's Diner - or, as the locals call is...Big D Little D's!! Last week, my girlfriend, Trisha, and I made a daytrip to Strasburg for some antiquing and "fleaing" in order to celebrate her birthday. Not sure where to eat, we asked several of the shop owners. The choice was unanimous....the diner!

How cute it was - all that was missing were roller skates for the waitresses! Trisha had "frito pie"....a large layer of fritos topped with chili and all the favorite nacho toppings!

We came home with a few treasures...not too crazy..but all the fun was what the day was all about! Just a few pictures -

Yep, red vinyl booths and checkerboard floors!

Our look-alike outfits were purely coincidental!!

Just for you, Em! Betty Boop:)

Happy Birthday, Girlfriend!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Definitely Not a Poet

Well...Linda at Truthful Tidbits told me about her granddaughter's monthly poetry post....and I thought it would be a great chance to share one of my poems! I enjoy writing poetry but don't often share it with anyone. But this one was about Tyler and I thought the timing would be great - and, then, don't you know...the monthly poetry thing was cancelled. Not surprising.

But, I decided to share anyways. I am not a poet....but I'm always trying different ways to express my heart. (I've even written a few songs...but those I will definitely keep to myself!) If you've put your thoughts down poetry style....share it with me!

I wrote this right around Tyler's first Heaven birthday.............

The Luckiest Woman in the World

So often I am tempted to concentrate on all that I will miss-
You getting a driver’s license & your first car
Your first girlfriend & that first kiss

Where would you go to college?
Who would you marry?
When you took a job, what title would you carry?

But then, I stop and remind myself
I am the luckiest woman in the world!
I was the first one to caress your downy red head
with my cheek,
The very first to cradle you and sing you to sleep.

It was me you called for when you skinned a knee,
when your dreams were scary or your feelings hurt –
I nursed ear infections and chicken pox
and figured out how a gameboy works!

I listened to your Barney songs,
your choir songs and
those special country music songs!

I watched you learn to ride a bike,
taught you how to bake a cake
and cheered too loudly
with each new challenge you would take.
We memorized Spelling words and memory verses
and History dates to silly chourses.

When I really stop to think about it,
I am the luckiest woman in the world
For fourteen I was your mother and
Forever, and for always, I will be
Tyler’s mom!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Refiners Fire

Today, I am meeting At The Well...and the discussion centers around sharing a story about how you have found complete fulfillment in your biblical purpose? For the last three years - since I became a grieving mom - I have thought much (MUCH) about "my purpose". What could God possibly want to do with me and through me and the death of my son?

Certainly I have not found complete fulfillment but I am reminded over and over again of His faithfulness. He has not abandoned me nor was my son's death random or outside of His plan. God has been very close to me these last three years and although there is much I still do not understand, I know He is refining me for His glory.

I am reminded of a story that was told to me by a friend as a true story. I cannot say for sure it is true but I heard it that way. A man was traveling and while exploring the native area, he came across an old gentlemen sitting beside a stone oven, tending a large chunk of metal that he was holding over the fire…..a refiner, if you will. The man was very intrigued and began to question the gentlemen. He learned that the refiner had to maintain the fire at just the right temperature….too hot and the metal would scorch and be ruined – not hot enough and all the impurities would not melt off. However, he was amazed when he asked the man, “Well, how do you know when the job is done?” and the old man said, “Oh, that’s easy. I know the metal is perfect when I can see my reflection -an image of myself- in it.”

I love that image. For, in Malachi 3:3 it tells us “and He shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver.” Christ is our refiner, we are the metal and the trails, heartaches and challenges we face each day are those things which the Lord can use to mold us into His own image.

These past three years have been a refiner’s fire. Do I completely understand God’s plan or do I clearly see all He is trying to teach me? No. But God has been the faithful refiner who has never walked away from the fire – never even turned his head – and He is in complete control. And, as far as my purpose, I truly believe if I will be but patient, I can one day claim I Peter 1:7 as my own. It says “that the trial of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honour and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ.”