Friday, March 23, 2018

The Blessing of the Ordinary

Routine.  Otherwise, often thought of as "the ordinary."  The typical, the normal, or the day-to-day. 
Even the definition sounds a bit...well, boring.  I think we are becoming accustomed to think of the day-to-day or the ordinary as boring and undesirable.  Everything pushes us to examine, and re-examine, our ordinary - our routine - in order to tweak it, improve it or, truth be told, make it more like someone else's normal.  There is so much pressure not "to settle" - certainly not to be content.

Contentment seems to be a constant battle for me.  Apparently, for many.  But I know, for me, there always seems to be a need for the reminder to be content.  Content with not only the things I have, but also the stage of life I am in and where God has me right now.  I stay so focused on what might be ahead, and that whatever happens today is simply preparing me for tomorrow....that I miss the joy of today!!

My mother's love language was food. The planning, the preparing, even the shopping for food. (Yes, that explains a lot!)  Whenever we were coming for a visit, she would begin, weeks in advance, making menus - for all three meals of the day.  She included everyone's favorites and some new treats, as well.  By the way, she was an amazing cook!  Every evening ended with a wonderful meal with everyone too far past full; however, before anyone could even leave the table, Mom would say something like, "sooo, for breakfast tomorrow...."  Oh my.

I know, she was totally in her element!  And, I so miss her meals.  But isn't that the perfect picture of how we miss the joy right in front of us??   We miss all the beauty and blessings - no matter how small or routine - that are in today.  This moment.  I read this quote in a devotional today (another gentle reminder...)

"Perhaps living inside a regular day in which nothing of earth-moving significance happens is at the heart of all that is truly meaningful and extraordinary.   The glory of life is found quite simply in the ordinary moments."  - Carol Burton McLeod

What a wonderful thought to ponder all day....this regular day.  I want to look for, and then savor, all that is ordinary and routine today.  It can't simply be a thought on my coffee mug - blessed.   Yes, I am blessed.  And I want to be content with - and fully enjoy - all the blessings of this day!

These were my thoughts on totday's FMF prompt:  routine.  I went a tad longer but really wanted to include the memory of my mother.  She loved us well - with every meal, every dish and every labor of love from her kitchen.  I miss her.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Butterfinger Cake

Happy Spring.  Yes, it is sleeting and the forecast is for snow all afternoon and tomorrow but it is spring:)  And the calendar makes official!  Goodness, March is fickle and spring even more so but I am enjoying my bunnies (did you see a few of them on my Instagram?) and thinking towards Easter.  I am still working on my Easter menu.  I am planning to have a brunch but am always looking for something just a little bit new.  Any suggestions?

I am taking dinner to a friend this evening - including one of my "go-to" desserts.  Butterfinger cake.  It is always sure to please.  When I came in from the grocery store yesterday, my son immediately saw dessert in his future.  Sorry - but it did inspire me to make one for Easter.  I tend to think of coconut cake for Easter but my family would all love Butterfingers over coconut any day!

This recipe is so simple but I thought I would share today - perhaps it will inspire you.  Or remind you of a family favorite that you haven't made in a while that would bring a smile to your family!

1 box Cake Mix – I used German Chocolate...could also use Devil’s Food.
1 - 14 ounce can sweetened condensed milk
1 - 11.5-ounce jar caramel ice cream topping
1 - 8-ounce container Cool Whip
2 -  Butterfingers candy bars, crushed


  1. Bake cake according to instructions on the package.  Cool.
  2. Poke holes in the cake about an inch apart with the back of a wooden spoon.
  3. Pour condensed milk over cake, making sure to fill holes.
  4. Do the same with he caramel topping.
  5. Cover the cake with the Cool Whip.
  6. Sprinkle with the crushed candy bars.  (the photo above has only one candy bar - I
          will add some more just before delivering it this evening.)

Refrigerate for one hour and be sure to store in the fridge!  Enjoy!:)

Friday, March 16, 2018

He Provided a Way for Me

If you see me on Instagram, you know this week has been one of computer woes.  Woes of the most aggravating kind.  Still have not been able to resolve the problem - as in, have not been able to even unlock the computer:( but I did not want to miss FMF.  The prompts cause me to think, to ponder and to meditate on truths and, just as much, I am always blessed by the other posts.  I encourage you to spend some time in the links.

Obviously, I am "borrowing" a computer which means I just might stick with the five minutes for today's prompt:  PROVIDE    With Easter on our hearts and minds, no doubt, there will be several posts with similar thoughts, but that is okay.  It bears repeating.  Again, and again.

GO - From the very beginning, God's desire was to fellowship with us.  To be with us and to commune with us.  However, sin separated us.  Sin brought consequences.  But God provided a way.  A way to have sin forgiven and a way of escape.

When God's children were suffering in Egypt, He heard their cries.  Exodus 3:7-8 "And the LORD said, I have surely seen the affliction of my people...and have heard their cry....for I know their sorrows.  And I am come down to deliver them...."  He knew their hopelessness.  He used plaques to prove His great power and when Pharaoh still refused to let them go, He sent the death angel, proving His sovereignty.  Even then, He provided an escape. 

That escape for the God's children then is the same as it is today - a sacrifice.  The shedding of blood by a spotless lamb.  "....and when I see the blood, I will pass over you..."  Exodus 12:13   God has always offered mercy and a way of forgiveness. 

STOP - I am so grateful for His death, burial and resurrection.  Because of His sacrifice, I have forgiveness and reconciliation!  That is real joy Easter provides!!