Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Magic Pumpkin Cobbler

Are you over the pumpkin spice craziness yet?  Or, perhaps you are still trying to savor the very last drop...or piece of pumpkin goodness?  I think I am somewhere in between.  So.much.pumpkin!!  But, then again....so much pumpkin!!:)

I made the mistake the browsing through my "Pumpkin Madness" board on Pinterest and found "just a couple" more treats that I had not yet tried.  So, this weekend I made Magic Pumpkin Cobbler!

(Here's a direct link: https://www.creationsbykara.com/pumpkin-cobbler....or you can find it on my Pinterest board.)  Not only was it magic - creates its own caramel sauce as it bakes - but it was beyond easy.  But super delicious!!

I so wish I had pictures of my dessert.  This is a photo from the original recipe posted by Creations by Kara.  It is every bit as yummy as it looks.  You will want some.  Tonight.

Just a short post today....but please tell me what delicious treat have you discovered this fall?  Only one more week for all that goodness. 

Brace yourself for the sugar cookie, peppermint latte, and gingerbread everything:)

Friday, November 9, 2018

"Rolled Away, Rolled Away"

For years (over 20), I was involved in the children's mid-week ministry at our church.  We called it "Crusaders" and I taught the 3-5-year-olds!  What a wonderful age!  This photo is actually my sweet Tyler at age three...but in his Easter finery, I believe, with his friends.  And a mouth full of graham crackers.  When you are three, life really is all about your buddies and the graham crackers:)

And to think, he grew to be my helper - teaching the 3-5 years olds himself.  Be still my mama's heart.

Crusaders did not have a set curriculum but I simply made my own lessons and enjoyed the evening.  We would have a short lesson - often with puppets:) - color or do a simple craft and, of course, we would sing!  A lot of singing!  Today's FMF prompt immediately took me back to singing with my littlest crusaders and I have had the melody with me all morning.

Rolled away, rolled away, rolled away  (rolling our arms)
Every burden on my heart rolled away!
Rolled away, rolled away, rolled away....
Every burden on my heart rolled away!

Every sin had to go (and the motions continued)
Neath the crimson flow - Hallelujah! (clapping - always clapping!)

Rolled away, rolled away, rolled away....
Every burden on my heart rolled away!

GO -  Like most of us, I have been trying to purposefully focus my thoughts toward being thankful.  Working on gratitude - especially for the smaller and simpler things.  The everyday things.  I don't know why...but this exercise does not always come easy for me.  I even started a "month of Thanksgiving" on my Instagram (and only planning to post every other day) but I seem to struggle with even that.  Sigh.

However, I press on.  Today, I am so grateful:

   *that my sin burden was rolled away!  I still fight my sin nature but I do know that I have been forgiven and redeemed and there is no condemnation for my sin.  I know this because God - in His word - assures me.  I thank the Lord for saving me!

   *that I need not carry other burdens either.  How easily do I forget the One who removed my sin burden will also carry the worries, the hurts, the fears that burden my heart.  I do not have to bear my burdens alone.

   *for the years of precious memories working with the littlest crusaders!

   *for the many who served over the years - teaching and loving my littlest ones - in children's ministries.

   *for precious evenings having my son work alongside me in ministry....and the joy it still brings to my heart.

Isn't it amazing the powerful and wonderful truths contained in "simple" children's songs??  They aren't just for getting the wiggles out but, instead, they bury truths in our heart (and burn them on our memory!) that we can recall years and decades later!  I pray that you have allowed God to roll your burdens away!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Some Photos of Germany - Including my Favorite!

God certainly blessed us with a wonderful vacation.  We spent seven days traveling around Bavaria - mostly in Germany but also a couple of days in Austria.   We also went as far north as Rottenburg (which is adorable) and spent one day in the city:)  Munich.  We had one day of snow...which was even pretty for a warm-weather girl like me....and the rest of the days were glorious.  We toured a couple castles, visited the well-known filming sites from "A Sound of Music" and even had a cooking lesson at a Austrian cooking school.  Who knew there could be so many varieties of apple strudel...and I think we tried them all!!  I won't get started on the chocolate croissants - or other pastries.  There is even a cafe (a coffee shop and bakery) inside each McDonalds!  Pastry is king.  Just one more thing to love about Germany:)


 Everywhere we went, the scenery seemed to be more breathtaking than the day before.  Unfortunately, I am a very poor photographer and my pictures really do not show the beauty...but we were awed everywhere we went!

We visited Berchtesgaden, Salzburg, Augsburg, Rottenburg and Oberammergau.  We toured Neuschwanstein castle, the bunkers near Eagle's Nest, and visited Dachau.

Some of the things that impressed me most about Germany were:  fast cars and driving in the tightest of spaces.  Many roads were one-lane in width but were for two lanes.  You simply had to take turns.

Also, all of the green.  Rolling beautiful countryside with plenty of grazing cows.  And no fences to taint the view.  Indeed - no fences.  One thin electric wire that was hardly noticed.  Along with the green were the beautiful flowers - and flower boxes.  Still so pretty even in November.

But I will always remember the dogs.  Pups are everywhere (except the grocery stores).  There was at least one dog in every restaurant.  Dogs in the mall.  In the shops.  Well, everywhere.  Although it is not the clearest photo, this has to be one of my favorites....

This sweet girl is "parked" outside the ladies' room in the mall.  Very patiently waiting for her human so they can continue shopping.  A doggie parking hook!  Priceless!!

Thanking the Lord for this special vacation as well as the special friends that shared it with us!