Friday, October 28, 2011

Counting Blessings

Well, after a week like this past week – you know one of THOSE weeks:) – some times it is best to simply count your blessings!…and enjoy a little photo love of the J-man!!

Thankful for:

   **autumn color – the trees have fully changed into their fall colors and look so pretty

   **white pumpkins – still love the orange ones but something about the white ones are so pretty among all the other pumpkins and gourds

   **faithful, praying friends

   **email – I do love to send a written note now and then, but it is amazing and wonderful to be able to so quickly share news and connect with friends and loved ones when you need them

   **sweet co-workers

   **sharing morning coffee with my hubbie to start our day

   **pumpkin bread…or pumpkin pancakes…or pumpkin donuts:)

   **compassionate doctors


   **sweet comments – all comments! – from my blogging friends

   **crock-pot meals – gotta love whoever invented the Crock Pot!!

   **creating the prefect word on Words with Friends – on a TW spot….sometimes, it’s the little things!

   **the weekend (and time to catch up with my blogs!)


sleeping Jack

jack on tummy

I mean, really, what’s not to love!!  Next time: some Riley shots!!


  1. Oh he is so cute! I love how he's looking at right at the camera! Good list! My dad always said, just start to count your blessings and your problems will seem so small! Enjoy your weekend.

  2. That sure is a very cute little guy! :) I like your list and can relate to a few... autumn colors, white pumpkins, email and pumpkin bread!

  3. I like your list and that little guy is adorable. Enjoy

  4. All wonderful things to appreciate. But the last one....I'm getting one of those next May. Boy or girl, which ever!
    So excited!

  5. He is adorable!! And growing so fast! I loved your blessing list! Thanks for sharing and uplifitng us! It will be cooler here this weekend..YEAH!!

  6. So adorable, and enjoyed your blessings list, enjoy your weekend.

  7. Cute boy! The paint color you asked about is Brownstone from WalWart. Since you don't shop there, I guess that isn't very helpful! :-(