Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Psalm 19:14

It's Wednesday - and that means I'm off to work...and little time to blog. So, just a thought I read today in my morning devotions -
"If you could not speak a word, what would your life say to others?" - Dr. Stanley

Pretty deep for 6:30 in the morning....but one to think about throughout today. Have a great day, friends. And, I'll let you in on the paint color tomorrow:)


  1. That is a very deep question to ponder. I'll give it some thought! Oh, and by the way, Abby and I loved the Parmesan Chicken I made last night...really GOOD!

  2. OOHH! That was certainly a thought provoking question. Thanks for sharing and stretching us today!

  3. Great question and great verse. How wonderful it would be if ALL our thoughts and ALL our words were pleasing to our Heavenly Father!

  4. If others are watching, it probably looks pretty good, but sometimes, if they get close enough to hear what I'm saying....I cringe at the thought. I can be harsh and matter of fact. Work in progress :)

  5. "Listen, now, listen!" Dr. Stanley is one of my favorites! His stuff is pretty deep at any time of the day!

    Thanks for your visits, Jennifer. I do come by more often than you know, but my internet connection doesn't always let me comment! It picks and chooses different blogs every day so I never know who I will get to visit! Wierd, huh!

    It's a white winter wonderland, here in the PNW! Snow is in the forcast for the next few days. Hope your day is bright and filled with lots of color! Let your light so shine before others! ;~P

  6. Great quote by Dr. Stanley...certainly something to ponder a while...