Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It is a Bit of an Obsession

PROJECT: 52 PHOTOs - and how appropriate that I work CraigsList into my blog! I will admit I have a bit of a CraigsList habit. Seriously. I love to browse! and, occassionally, I actually buy:) I have yet to sell anything...but, oh, buying is so much more fun!

This week I came across the sweetest crib set for our little grandson on the way!! It was brand new - some of the pieces with the tags still on. It was from Pottery Barn (another favorite) and even included the curtain rod. I'm tellin' you, it was my "treasure find" for the week...maybe, the month.
So - this is not only a sneak preview for baby's mama:)....but also a glimpse into my life this week!!

I LOVE that middle frame - it says "Bonne Nuit"....which I used to say so often to my own little ones at bedtime. At least I learned something from five years of high school French!!


  1. Oh Jennifer WHAT a find!! The set is just darling....I love Pottery Barn's stuff too. I have NEVER been on Craig's list (though my youngest son frequents it) and now I am going to have to go on it for sure, haha. Hope you have a good day! HUGS

  2. Very sweet! When is baby due? I am a huge Craig's List fan!!!

  3. You know, I've never tried Craig's List, but you sure found some keepers! Be sure to stop by today, Jennifer...I'm having a GIVEAWAY!

  4. I need to check that site more often!
    That is a great find! Love the colors and having some of the pieces still new---Wow!

  5. Don't you love finding treasures like this!!! So cute!! I haven't been on Craigs list lately but I need to get back to checking it out for sure!!

    Hope you're having a wonderful day, Jennifer!


  6. I'm addicted to Craigslist too! Happy browsing.

  7. Congrats on a great find! I've never been on Craigslist, not sure there are any groups in this area...

  8. Sweet baby stuff!! I've never bought anything from Craigslist, but my hubby has. I'm about to have some dishes and end tables to get rid of.... I was thinking we might try to sell them there. We'll see!

  9. Oh Jen it's BEAUTIFUL! Oh my gosh I can't WAIT to see it in person! It will be absolutely PERFECT for Jack's room :-) THANK YOU! Yay! So exciting :-) This is the most perfect little set and I know baby Jack will love it just as much as I do :-)

    Love you!