Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Something New

New for 2011.....I am trying a new "project" - just for fun and just for myself. I have seen some blogs that were strictly photo journals and even a few that had one photo a day for the entire year. Now that is a bit ambitious for me...but, maybe one a week, I could manage. Just a snapshot of where I am and what is happening in my world - week by week. And so, I begin "Project: 52 Photos"!!
The somewhat sad part is I am already behind one week - surely that it is not indictive of the year ahead. But I will begin with two photos and, goodness, what a difference one week can make!
Last week:
This week:

So, our snow "storm" last night really did not amount to much but it was enough to make me miss the beach even more!!


  1. Good morning!! I love this idea. Your right...quite the difference in your weeks, haha...

    Bunco was interesting, haha, if I get the chance today I will blog about it, though I will have to be careful "how" I say it, lol...

    Have a wonderful day my friend...


  2. Looks like my patio Monday morning! Good luck with your project!