Monday, November 8, 2010

Heavenly Sunlight

My Simple Woman's Daybook: November 8, 2010

Outside my is sunny, and clear and cool. It is supposed to warm up nicely today - the makings of a perfect fall day.

I am much I enjoy all the windows in this new house. Our previous house was an "inside unit" townhouse and although we never thought it seemed dark or lacking in sunlight - little did we know how glorious morning sunlight pouring in from all sides really was!! Just one more reason to LOVE the morning!

I am thankful for....the sweet friends I have made while blogging. I was so touched by sweet comments, and even email, from many friends last week when I was MIA:) and unable to find time to blog. Most of you I have never met in person, and probably never least not this side of eternity:)....but you are friends, nonetheless - encouragers along the way!! I am blessed to have "met" all of you.

I am snugging feels so good in the mornings (especially these cool ones)!

I am remembering....Thanksgivings from years past. So many great memories....both as a little girl and then the years when my own children were the little ones! How quickly time goes by. I pray that Erica is finding wonderful ways to begin traditions with Miss Riley.

I am get my haircut tomorrow - and not a minute too soon! And hopefully Mr. Rascal will get one as well (just not at the same salon)!!

I am reading....Life:Beautiful magazine. I really do enjoy this magazine.

I am create new traditions for the upcoming holidays. Not as easy as it seems it should be - any hints???

On my mind....several very serious, and rather urgent, prayer requests. My heart is so heavy - but I am remembering what a "big" God we serve.

From the kitchen....we have made banana bread and pumpkin spice cookies lately and will be making pumkin bread today. And I wonder what's up with my diet??

Around the house....dust. Again. And we are tackling the windows this week - let that sunshine really shine in!! And then I might break into song..."Heavenly Sunlight..Heavenly Sunlight. Flooding my soul with glory divine." (pretend I didn't just squeak out that high note there!)

Plans for the week....could it actually be a quiet week?? That would be nice:) Maybe - just maybe! - I can get some more of the cruise pictures posted!

One of my favorite calls with Jordan!


  1. hi,thanks for sharing your life with us.Glad to see your site. It make me brightly today.

  2. Oh how I love these entries...We woke this morning to pouring different for us, haha, but soo much better than last week's heat. We have 5 BIG windows in our living room and so therefore is my very place to sit in the morning. I LOVE the sun pouring in...or the sound of the rain this morning, haha...glad you are enjoying yours. Hope your week is good. I will write you an email later (get excited, haha) praying for your requests...HUGS to you my friend...

  3. Loved taking a peek into your world, Jennifer! Have a blessed day!

  4. Wonderful to have you back! Your post brightened my evening!

  5. Jennifer, Thanks so much for stopping by my blog again today and for the encouraging comments you share! :)

  6. I always enjoy this post so much. Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week. Love & blessings from NC!

  7. Mmmm...homemade bread, spice cookies...sounds delicious, just like the nutmeg cake and grape-nut cookies on Saturday. :)

    One thing we do for the month of November is to write down on little paper pumpkins one thing we are thankful for. Then I post them somewhere in the house...this year it's in the stairwell going to the school room.

    Have a good day!