Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Our "Little Bit"

It was wonderful to get around to many of your blogs, to catch up a bit and to hear from some of you! And I do hope to start posting some of the cruise pictures soon but, today, I had to take a break from those memories to look back 22 years....

Yep, that's me - 22 years ago today!! I was on my way to a "routine" doctor's visit....but, little did I know, I was hours away from becoming a mommy!!

I had been on bedrest for weeks with pre-term labor and was thrilled to simply be up, dressed and out of the house. I think that is probably the reason for the picture. Apparently, all that up and off the couch started the labor....again. This time there was no stopping her!

Miss Emily was on her way....and September 28th - I became a mommy for the first time! I've spent this morning remembering that moment and even now there really is no way to describe how you feel!

She was five weeks early and just a tiny little thing - weighed in at 5 pounds 2ounces - but she was healthy and strong..never really needed much more than the warming. This picture was taken the next morning and was the first time I was able to hold her. Yes, I was melting with mama's pride!!

Our precious Miss Em!

Here she is that morning with her daddy......already working that magic that little girls seem to have with their dads!
So hard to believe that little girl is 22 today! I don't post often about her - she does not like to be included in my blog (what??!) - but I had to take today to wish her the happiest birthday wishes ever!! We love you with all our hearts.....and no matter how old you are, you will always be our baby girl - our Sweet Miss Em!!
One last picture - one of my favorite snapshots of my life! This was taken the day we brought her home from the hospital. She had to stay in the hospital for five days. I left after two and coming home without her was so sad for me. Finally getting her home....and settling in - all was perfect with my world! That's how I felt here. Life was beyond perfect and I was beyond blessed and amazed (and exhausated!)

Happy Birthday, Em!


  1. Morning Jenn,
    and Welcome Home, can't wait to see your Anniversary pics, but this was such a lovely and touching post.
    My Scott was full term and only weighed 5 pd. 14 oz., and Emma reminds me so much of his picture,
    same exact blankie and all!!
    Happy Birthday to your Sweet Daughter
    Hope she has the lovliest of birthdays, and hope her Mommy has a fun day just remembering and also
    hope she had the lovliest of trips.
    Blessings hon,

  2. Oh Yea,
    Forgot to say I loved the pic of you standing on the sidewalk all gussied up with that full abdomen!! lol
    Did you enjoy being pregant?? I really did, up until the very end with my 2nd one, cause I was much bigger and more uncomfortable.
    Take care hon,

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Em!! We share a wonderful day of course, haha...I do know just how yyou feel...everytime one of my kids has a birthday, I travel down memory lane and remember (well) the day they were born, haha...I am sure they could all quote their own stories word by word they have heard them soo much. And yet you know what? those are MIRACLE days. It amazed me EVERY time how God can form a life and bring it into this world for you to love and cherish. Such a gift! It isn't something you can describe, you must experience it. Have a wonderful day and may the Lord bless your sweet daughter and make His face shine upom her now and always..Love, Debbie

  4. Awwww. Happy Birthday to your girl! I had my youngest the same year and I think I wore that same maternity dress!

  5. Beautiful reflection (and pictures!), Jennifer! Hope your "baby girl" has a wonderful birthday!

  6. Oh, Jennifer! You look just precious in that photo! So happy! And a happy birthday to your 'Little Bit'. ;~P

  7. Can I tell you just how precious you look in that first photo. I love how you got all dressed up to go to the doctor. And what a sweet baby girl!

  8. Welcome Home! There really is no place like home......
    Giving birth really is a miraclous time isn't it. Looking forward to seeing your pictures.......

  9. Happy Birthday to your daughter! I can so relate. My first born was 6 weeks early and I had to leave her in the hospital and thought the worse feeling in the world was leaving her. I was 2 hours away from her! We have a lot in common! I hope your day was filled with so many beautiful memories!

  10. Loved your pictures and warm hearted story. Happy Birthday to Em!
    What an amazing feeling when you become a mom.

  11. Awe Jen! This post brought tears to my eyes! Just looking at that picture makes me want to pick her up out of that picture, snuggle with her and give her 5,000 kisses! She is beyond precious!

    I hope Em got the small package I sent last week. It's not much but hopefully she'll like it :-)

    Love you Jen! Thanks for making me smile with Em's ADORABLE baby pictures!!