Friday, January 22, 2010

An Attempt at a Collage

This is me...just playing with pictures - scroll down for the actual post!


  1. PERFECT!! I noticed you have a frame of sorts around yours and it looks good...I will have to go back to my sight and see if I can figure that out too. Sooo much to figure little brain. lol

  2. Hi Jen! Cute! How did you do that? I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE those 3 faces of Riley. She tried so hard to smile and hee-hee, her face just wasn't in sync all together!

    Hope you're having a good day :-)

    Love ya!


  3. Great collage! She is so adorable. I've loved seeing the pictures of her and know that you had a great time with her! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Jennifer. Your collage is beautiful! Good job! Of course, it does make it easier when you have such a beautiful granddaughter to make the collage of . :)

    Happy Sunday to you friend.
    PS I would LOVE to meet you in person! COME to the Chum Gathering! Pretty pleeeeez? It'll be a blast!

  5. very cute!
    thank you for letting me know about Uno's. I had heard that recently and wanted to try their gluten free pizza, but the Uno's near us just closed down. Overnight they just shut their doors and will not be re-opening. Bummer!