Thursday, July 16, 2009

Headed to Texas

Thankful Thursday.....and this Thursday finds me on my way to Texas for a family wedding! My girlfriend is travelling with me and we will have a great "girl's weekend"!! Before and after the wedding on Saturday, we are going to visit several cute little towns in Texas for plenty of girlie fun - shopping, eating, and, of course, laughing and talkin'!! I am really looking forward to this trip - 100 plus weather and all!

Today, I am thankful:

** all the details worked out for this trip...including my friend's work schedule, my husband holding down the fort here, and the extra finances to allow it

** for the chance to see several family members that I haven't seen in years - you know the ones you see at weddings and funerals (the last time I saw many of them was at my mom's funeral :( but wish you could see so much more! Oh, and its a wedding!! I love weddings!

** for the cutest pair of red shoes to wear with my dress - petty, I know, but they really are cute!

Hope to have good pictures when I return!!


  1. Have a fun and safe trip! Maybe on one of your Texas trips you will be close to my hometown!

  2. Hope you have a wonderful time, Jennifer! Wishing you fun and safe travels!