Tuesday, June 9, 2009


FYI: I don't know what clock blogspot is set to....maybe Tokyo time. I did leave early but not 3:30 in the morning! HA...I am nuts but that's a little much! :)

Note to self:

* I do not have to go to work
* I do not have kids at home that I have to schedule around
* My time is very flexible
* That said, there is no earthly reason to schedule any appointments - especially dentist appointments - at pre-dawn hours!!
* It is WAY too early....and I'm off to the dentist!?!?! Have mercy.


  1. I agree with you, Jennifer...What WERE you thinking? LOL!

  2. lol you're too funny! atleast you can get an early start to the day and have more time to enjoy shopping or relaxing!

  3. Are you kidding....I have seen your blog times 4:26 am. Going to the dentist on their time (8:00am) is mid-day for you. How wonderful that you have begun a new chapter and you can enjoy the freedom it brings.

  4. I accidentally set my clock to CA time when I first began blogging. I chuckled at the thought that people may have thought I (NOT a morning person) was up posting at 5:30am!

    Hope the dentist went well!

  5. You're too funny! :)

    I hope the dentist appointment went well.

  6. LOL!! I have done this so many times. They ask you to schedule the appointment six months in advance and sure..8:30 AM sounds great! Until it comes on a lazy summer morning!