Thursday, May 21, 2009

Porch Flowers...finally

Thankful Thursday...and it is a beautiful spring morning here! The baby birds are very vocal this morning and were such sweet background music while I did my devotions this morning!

After much rain and iffy temperatures for several weeks, we finally got our porch flowers planted (excuse the fuzzy picture...strictly poor ability on the photographer's part) but having those flowers greet me when I arrive home, always makes me smile.

I'm so thankful for my sweet husband getting those all planted - braving the ticks which have been ridiculous this year! - and working so hard to making our little yard so pretty.

I'm thankful for impatiens that bloom and look so happy even though they get just about zilch in the way of direct sunlight on our porch.

I'm thanking the Lord today for abundant cup is full and overflowing!!


  1. So pretty!

    I finally finsished Pride and Prejudice. Now I can't wait to see the movie.

  2. Beautiful flowers and beautiful post!

  3. The flowers are beautiful! Hope this weekend brings beautiful weather to you!

  4. So pretty and cheery! Have a wonderful weekend!