Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Sweet Smelling Blessing

Thankful Thursday...and I would like to share a blessing I had this week. Before I do, I have to look back at Tuesday's list of "things I love" ...seems quite a few of us enjoy that sweet smell of our babies right out of the bath!! My little ones usually had baths in the evening and I know it was one of my favorite times....snuggling one, two - or all three - of them in their fresh jammies, slightly damp hair and that sweet, squeaky clean scent after their bath! Of course, there aren't any babies at my house anymore but there are just some things a mother's heart holds onto, I suppose.

Which brings me to yesterday. I have recently begun volunteering at the Children's Hospital downtown. In fact, yesterday was my "first day on the job" with the patients (there have been a lot of training days before that) and I was quite excited but really didn't have a great idea of what to expect. I shadowed a veteran volunteer for a couple hours until she had to leave but I still had a half hour for my shift. A call came down from a nurse asking if a volunteer was available and "my boss" asked if I was comfortable going by myself (since it was still my first day, I suppose.) Sure.

When I got upstairs, a really relieved nurse met me, "Are you the volunteer?" She was standing beside a crib trying to comfort a fussy baby girl.
"Yes...," I said.
She explained that the baby's mother had just left to go home for a bit and the baby had been fussy (not really crying...just missing her mommy, I'm sure) ever since.
She said, "I'm trying to get her to calm down...maybe fall asleep. I've just given her a bath. Could you just hold her for awhile?"
Could I just rock a sweet baby for awhile? A sweet little girl fresh from her bath, no less?? Is our God good, or what? When I thought about volunteering, I thought, perhaps, I could be a a tired parent, or a nurse pulled in twenty different a lonely, bored patient or even a baby missing her mommy.

But, as He often does, God blessed me instead! That little place in my mother's heart that misses my babies....He filled to over-flowing yesterday! God knows everything on my list "of things I love" and He wants to give good things to me. I thank Him for loving me!


  1. What a sweet post for today, and what a wonderful, caring, and loving Heavenly Father we have!

  2. Now, that's the kind of job I need...rocking babies! Yes, God does provide, doesn't He? I miss when my girls were babies, too!

  3. What a blessing to read this post:) God is so faithful.

    Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

    Linda C

  4. aww what sweet way to spend a few hours. that's great you are doing that! i so love that smell. i always give ella a bath after lunch on the days she has school so she's nice and refreshed for the rest of the day. today was one of those days. nothing better than cuddling on the couch afterwards!

  5. Your story just reminded me of the Hymn Make Me a Blessing!
    You did
    You have been
    You are!
    Thanks for sharing this sweet post!

  6. Yes, that is the job for me too! Rocking babies! What a precious picture. I bet you will do great at you new job.

  7. Oh wow... what a blessing! And fresh from a bath, no less! Yes, God is definitely good.
    And how awesome about your volunteering!

  8. There isn't much that compares to those sweet moments! So glad God blessed you with that first experience on this new venture!

  9. How sweet is that? Oh, to be the comforter even as YOU are being comforted.. what a wonderful thing. God knew what you needed, and He put you right where you needed to be. I know it has to be hard to walk back through those doors; I'm so glad that you got to snuggle a sweet-smelling baby and feel that love!