Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Some Real Signs of Spring

Wordless Wednesday..........

Yellow Forsythia

and even those Bradford Pears!!


  1. wow that tree is gorgeous! nothing looks like that up here yet!

  2. I love me some forsythia! Have a super day, Jennifer!

  3. We have cherry trees blooming everywhere right now... it looks like pink clouds that are anchored to the ground by branches and a trunk! If it weren't for the pollen, I would really love spring...
    Gorgeous pics... new birth is on the way!

  4. Great pictures! Love the vibrant colors of the Forsythia!

  5. I have never lost a child but my brother did to cancer at the age of 8. I saw what it did to him and the struggles, to this day that he deals with.
    Beautiful pics. Spring is in the air.

  6. I LOVE those forsythias too!! They are beautiful!! I have some jasmine growing up the vine and for about 3 minutes in the Spring, the smell fills the's amazing! The REAL smell!

    I just spent some time reading about your Tyler...a dear friend of ours just sent her Tyler home too...I watch her move through this season KNOWING that the reunion will be like NOTHING on earth...simply amazing. I have tears as I type's the mom in me, I suppose.

    Peace to you! I'm adding you site to my faves so I can stop by often!