Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Quiz for Fun

I thought I would share some fun on Tuesdays - a few trivia questions or Bible challenges. Test yourself...or share it with your family at dinner tonight - but don't be surprised if the kiddos get the answers faster than you! I hate it when that happens! Have a fun Tuesday!

Questions from the Gospel of Matthew
1 - Before he became a disciple, Matthew was a
a - carpenter
b - fisherman
c - shepherd
d - tax collector
2 - Which town was Jesus born in?
3 - Beatitudes are teachings that begin with which word?
4 - In the wilderness, the devil tempted Jesus to
a - turn water into wine
b - turn stones into bread
c - walk upon water
d - foretell the future
5 - Jesus said not to throw what before swine?
6 - How many disciples did Jesus call?
7 - Jesus' followers are sent out as sheep in the midst of
a - donkeys
b - wolves
c - lions
d - goats
8 - The harvest is plentiful but what is few??
9 - Where did the wise man build his house? Upon the what?
10 - Jesus was criticized for sitting at the table with
a - Romans
b - kings
c - shepherds
d - sinners
Have fun!!


  1. Oh, Abby will LOVE this...thanks so much for posting it!♥

  2. Jennifer,

    THANKS SOOOO MUCH for the sweet comment. I was REALLY AFRAID of posting what I did today. I thought someone would have something nasty to say.. thankfully, I was WRONG!

    You are right.. this is a generation that NEEDS this message now more than ever! Man, I sure wish I'd have heard it myself! I had SO LITTLE "godly training" growing up. I didn't get it at home, and we didn't "do" a lot of church either. (I don't remember EVER seeing either of my parents crack a Bible outside of church) I'm SO THANKFUL for GODLY GRANDMOTHERS!

    Thanks again for the sweet comment!

  3. This was great! Thanks for posting this!