Monday, December 22, 2008

What's With December 21st??

Let me say..for the record... I am not superstitious in any way what so ever; however, I have been, shall we say, somewhat leery of December 21st. It was three years ago - December 21st - that my Tyler was diagnosed with his brain tumor and one year ago - yes, December 21st - that I was diagnosed with lymphoma for the second time. So, I had pretty much told myself I was "not doing" the 21st of this month.

I was all set "to break the spell" and happily report that this Sunday went very well and - would you even believe me - that my daughter called from Florida and told us that our son-in-law had "dumped" his bike (for those, like me, who thought what??? he wrecked his motorcycle!!) Yes, on December 21st! He was cut off by a car and went down an embankment. He was pretty banged up but did not need medical attention and we are praising the Lord for His protection. The verdict is still out on the bike...but, really now - what am I to think?!?!? I suppose its a good thing that I'm not superstitious!!

On a lighter note....our very dear friends are celebrating their anniversary on the 21st (all the best guys...we love ya!!) A good day for them, at least...I guess its just me!!


  1. So glad your son-in-law is okay though.

  2. I would have the same question about now...
    Glad to know that you SIL is okay though. Praise God!

  3. Jennifer....isn't it great to know that God's grace is sufficient, even on December 21st?

    Are you headed to She Speaks this summer?