Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

What a fun "day before Thanksgiving" I had...I spent the day with my good friends and we made pumpkin rolls (four of them!) and a special Thanksgiving treat! I used the recipe I posted earlier for my rolls. They were super easy and smelled wonderful while baking. Wrapped with ribbon, slipped in storage bags with a holiday greeting, and they were ready to be delivered!

The Thanksgiving Blessing Mix was a treat I found at Lady Farmer's blog. What a fun idea....we had fun with the kids putting these bags together and making the labels. My friends are going to take their bags to share with family (cousins!!) tomorrow - what a great idea! I know I will use this idea again next year.

As special as this time of year is - and such a wonderful family heart cannot help but think of those who are truly hurting right now. I personally know many who are grieving .... grieving for a toddler son, a teenage daughter, an adult daughter, a toddler daughter, a mother and a dad.....and the heart aches so hard at the holidays. I know others who are going through very difficult circumstances and their hurt is just as real.

If your holiday is a truly happy day, filled with family, loved ones and laughter......don't take that for granted - and certainly don't complain about the "little things" that truly are insignificant. And, please take a couple moments throughout the day to whisper a prayer for those who are hurting.

I had a great day today (thanks my special friends!!) and, with God's grace, I anticipate a good holiday tomorrow. (I sure do miss my boy!!!!)

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  1. May God continue to give you peace and healing! Bless you friend!

    Happy Thanksgiving!